Rate Control(non variable)

Is simple rate control coming back in V4 Not variable just constant speed. For example electric motor seeding.

No :frowning:

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not in 4.00

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Hi, I’m from Argentina and I’m starting with AOG. I miss the arrival of the bn0 085 that I have ordered in the USA.
I’m looking forward to adding section control and was wondering if the non-variable cup control could be used on an old sprayer that has the electric drives as a replacement for the outdated controller. The command it has is like the one in the image but it does not have a return from each section and it has a flowmeter, is it possible?
sorry for the writing is that I am using the google translator.
thank you very much


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If your pressure regulator can handle closing of valves then you can put selenoid valves after mechanical.

Flow regulated needs return 3 way valves to keep flow/pressure constant to not have overpressure.

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section cutting, pressure regulation and general cutting is all handled electrically.
On the other hand, the general valve is 3-way, the same as the pressure regulator. I used to have a controller similar to the Arag Bravo 180, the idea was to use this command directly with agopengps using rate control, in this case it would be non-variable. Thanks a lot

If you got that controller you can do like:

Closing of valves is good for non variable on pressure controled systems. But if you got rate monitor that dosnt recognise that you closed that section will be problematic and result in overpressure.

Of course, the system has a flowmeter, which would have to sense the flow of the liquid and calculate how much it would have to pass for the number of sections lit and the required working pressure, thank you very much

If you want you can also do 3 way above original sections so when that section is turned off same amount of flow is directed back to tank.(with simple solenoid valves in T or 3 way and some flow reduction like normal water valve set to allow same water flow as that section. Leaving original system unmodified for simplicity / resell value.

If I place a 3-way valve instead of the section valves, when one is closed, the flow that returns from it will be greater since it has no pressure since it will not pass through any pad.
Thanks a lot

You can place normal valve after 3 way to regulate flow to have same resistance as active section so for flowmetter ther is no flow/pressure diffrence.

Anyway if I use the original system it will not be damaged and if it previously worked with a digital controller, it would have to work the same with the rate control, what I don’t know if the rate control can handle the pressure valve?