Really Simple Danfoss questions

Hello! I wanted to know if this is what they use in tractors to steer the tractor. Does it use CAN bus to control it? Do pretty much all newer tractors use these? Am I correct that CNH tractors and combines and Fendt machines use Danfoss valves? Sorry if this isn’t the right forum to be asking these things, but I just felt the smartest people are here

Some, not all, use models like this. You can see from the link that some operate over CANBUS, and some are analog.

Could you please simply tell me how they like work? So, some kind of controller or thing tells the steering valve via CAN bus or some other way how much hydraulic oil to push into each wheel’s hydraulic cylinder to steer the wheels?The steering valve I linked above looked like the most advanced Danfoss valve. It appeared to have ports for cables. I looked at some other Danfoss steering valves, and they seemed a lot simpler, without any kind of interface. So, I guessed this is what they use. I’m really sorry for asking too much. There is probably a lot of information out there, but I don’t really understand it and I’m trying to learn.

There are models that have a simple 4 wire interface for hydraulic control. Power, ground, an analog input, and an error output. Change the analog input to steer left/right at different speeds.

I believe there are models that do the same as above over CAN.

There are models that interface directly with the steering angle sensor. These models are commanded a steering angle or curvature over CAN. These models require wheel angle sensor calibration. I believe these models may also interface with a steering wheel encoder directly.

I looked at a video of someone using CAN bus to steer a Fendt and he said in the comment section “Yea in this Fendt I’m controlling the Fendt steering controller and it is then driving a danfoss valve. But I also can control the CANBUS Danfoss steering controller directly too” So what do they mean by “danfoss steering controller” is that just the interface built into the steering valve? because when i searched “Danfoss steering controller” i couldnt find anything.

They probably meant that they are sending a curvature command to the Fendt, but that they could send a curvature/direction command to the Danfoss directly instead.