Relay cycling


Not sure where to start with this one, in the simulator the sectional relays stay on consistently but when in the field spraying they cycle on and off. Any ideas or did I miss a setting somewhere?

To note, simulator in the tractor checking the booms

Are the relays getting enough power?

Edit : bottom line, check that gps receiver does not output too much data.!
Pniels had a similar problem with the 6/2 relay. It seems F9p can get settings changed if ino setup is send out to the usb the F9p is on (could that happen over udp?)

Yes this was it, thanks. Just had to reflash the 1.13 config file

Great it works. Cosmo. I don’t remember if you use udp or USB connection.
Did you also notice extra delays in AOG?
It could be related because Roderick1st told he cured the delay with a reconfiguration of F9p (see 5.1. 4 thread)

I use USB, for whatever reason if I close AOG and not AOI it’ll do it again. Close out AOI, restart the program and away it goes. Little quirks I guess

I ran them off the nano and a buck converter, same thing. They’re working fine straight of the 5v of the nano now. Just built the system last night from spare parts after dragging the sprayer out of the bush.

I had bad ground on the 12V supply to the relays. It worked with 1 or 2 relays. With 4 it would keep clicking off and on.