Relays uturn

I tried several arduino codes, and I can’t get Uturn relays to work at the end of the field, can you help me?

There’s a lot going on with uturn controlled relays. The code is up to you to write for your particular application and what you would like to control.

When you tell me that I have to do my code, are you talking about the Arduino code or the Agopengps code or both?

Just the arduino code - but the board input is the I2C lines. It was originially designed to sit on top of the autosteer board.

The best design i think would be another udp based input output board to control whatever.

Second best is a usb based IO board. The project is kind of at the spot where we need to decide what we want it all to do and build the “machine control” part of it accordingly. That should be the next topic for the video conference meeting for sure.