Remote Output Signal for Distance Control on Research Planter

I am exploring AgOpenGPS and trying to determine if it will work with my planted. I’m operating a research drill that requires a remote signal from a GPS to trip the planter and change the soybean/wheat variety that is being planted. For instance, for soybeans, we send out a signal every 30 feet to the planter. Is there a feature on AgOpenGPS that I would be able to tap onto to send that signal to the planter?

Well, depends what you mean, “Is there a feature”. Right now, as AOG is, there isn’t. But I don’t think it would take a super amount of changing to do, if you’re willing to figure out how to do a little changing in the source code and figure it out.

What kind of signal, though? If it’s a new planter with iso/can bus, could be a long nightmare trying to get it to work. If it’s just a wire turning on, for 2 sec or something, might be doable.

And if you’re wanting to be able to have preplanned start/stop points for every “trip”, or change the mapping color on each “trip”, you are looking at a rather long process learning the AOG source code.

My first post was envisioning a basic “trip” every 30 ft, if the field was open, regardless of turning around, driving empty, etc.

Maybe start by telling us exactly what you would need!

The tree planner that @KentStuff developed just might do what you are wanting. Lets see if he jumps in here.

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Yes, the tree planner will send the tree byte when you pass over the tree spot. The tree spots can be spaced at what ever x,y, and rotated grid you like.

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But not added to 6.3 right?

Correct. I have not updated it.

I added it in 5.7.2. Will check to add in 6.3. Need some time for it :crazy_face: