Replacement mma8452q

Hello, I am about to assemble my first pcb, I will use the original v4 but in the pcb figure mma 8452q that in several publications recommend replacing them with bno 085, my question is, is it necessary to modify the board to use the bno, giver that mma has less quantity of pins? Thank you so much.
sorry for my english, i’m using google translator.

if you want to run AOG 5.x, use BNO 085 or CMPS14 or start driving without, I do not even have V4 pcb but you will probably have to use wire between bno085 and v4 pcb, hope you understand my google translated :wink:

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Thank you very much for answering, after asking I found a thread on the subject, I think I am going to modify the pcb to be able to anchor it and be fixed

Maybe you can look at the last Kaupoi PCB that has the pins and the mounting holes for the BNO or CMPS: KaupoiMOD PCB v4 - #93 by Kaupoi


yes, i think i’m going to use this pcb, thank you very much for answering