Roll affecting heading

Having recently setup PCBv2, BNO08x along with a Hydraforce SP10-57c i am struggling with bumps affecting the heading on AOG.
I have been running 80% IMU, along with minimal roll filtering, i have also tried different trigger distances with none of these really curing my problem.
I have got the BNO08x glued to the inside of the PCB housing with a StemmaQT wired into the MMA socket, would a better placement give me better results? I am not sure if the tractor cab suspension is amplifying the bumps or not.
I seem to have more success running Stanley as it seems more stable than PP with less oscillations. When on level going it is dead straight, however the slightest bumps seem to upset it with AOG trying to correct itself.
I know this has been previously mentioned but wondered if anyone may have any advice to improve things. Thanks

Have you checked if is the Bno in the correct axle position?

Will double check, it’s seems to register roll correctly with positive to the right, negative to the left.

I have my most stable PP setup from this year on G drive, Its a small tractor with steering gears so you will need to put in your sizes. When I moved these settings to a 4WD articulated there was very little change to the tuning, decent alternate starting point. Maybe you can see if you have drastically different numbers.

Be careful with your measurements, the better the model the better the results.

What is your computers processor?

Thanks, i am using a FZ-G1. Have double checked antenna height along with other tractor measurements.

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You can also find some hints in this thread.

Probably is just tuning,

How big an error offline do you get to on flat ground? When it corrects left on flat ground do you automatically get an error left on flat ground?

On flat ground, probably maximum 4cm offline, i have been drilling on Stanley the last week and it has been straight with the odd small wiggle where it trys to correct itself. With PP i can’t seem to get it to hold the line, seems to want to oscillate either side of it, i have played with CPD, look ahead and speed gain, I couldn’t get it as good as Stanley. I have checked WAS zero and all seems ok.

PP is very stable so much so I never tried Stanley yet. Its tougher if you are actually trying to farm and tune at the same time. I mow my lawn with AOG too it so I got well acquainted with tuning it and breaking it for fun.

Here is a link on how to tune PP, its the same info from brains video in text form.

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@Fenfarmer did you solve the problem? I have the same issue.

In the end I switched to dual to see if that helped, I believe it has. I have found with my personal experience that with the front press on the combination drill that Stanley has been better at holding the line, PP has been good on other jobs.

We also have problem on high tractor.
Antena height is 3.2m .
When tractor ia going on bumpy road he is not beabing straight line.
When we put antena on 1.4m beight and on ftont of tractor much much better works.

Im thinking maybe calman on roll is too slow.
He needs to have faster corrections

Danerr, take a look at this discussion:

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