Roll is the wrong way round

I have just replaced my Laptop which meant reinstalling Agopengps. It’s been a while so I’ve completely forgotten everything.
I updated the firmware and installed 5.7.0.
Everything works fine except the roll which is now detecting when the tractor tips forward and back instead of side to side. Obviously I could move the box but this would be undesirable. How else can I fix the problem.
P.S. the Panasonic FZ-G1 is a fantastic upgrade. Would highly recommend.

Which board are you using with imu?

Kaupoimod v4 I think

Read around on this thread a little. You should be able to change it in AOG

The threads not particularly helpful. That may be my own fault but I don’t understand what I can do other than changing the ino

If you’re using UDP, you can change it there. If using USB, then yes, you can change the ino, like we did on our panda

I think you’ll need the newest AOG and ino files

I’ll try updating to 5.7.2