Rover Hz is variable, is that normal?


We purchased an Ardusimple LR base/rover kit and made a V2 pcb with cmps14 and are just testing the tractor with a simple AB line in the driveway.

I uploaded the “10 hz rover” config file from Ardusimple’s website into the rover. The base is in its default Ardusimple configuration.

However the rover never achieves 10hz in AgOpenGPS. It fluctuates between 3hz and 9hz.

Right now sitting here in the house with just the laptop and rover AgOpenGPS 5.4.29 is reporting between 7-9hz. In operation on the tractor the hz averages much lower, generally around 5hz and I’ve seen it fluctuate to as little as 3hz. Is this normal? I’ve only seen it reach 10hz once for a second with the laptop off the tractor.

I don’t think the laptop is too slow as opening task manager I see AgOpenGPS is using .5% cpu time and AgIO is using about 2-3% cpu time. The frame render time in AgOpenGPS is showing 2-4ms.

The baud rate has always been set at 115200.

can you try these (3.8 KB) (3.8 KB)

Thanks! I’ll give them a try.

have experienced a few times, maybe by windows update that port speed is set down to 9600, have you checked it?



Thanks for your reply.

I checked the Windows properties for the com port and it was set to default 9600 baud, and I set it to 115200 but it didnt make a difference. I think the Windows default setting would only be used if an application doesnt set the baud rate itself. So AgOpenGPS would override with its own baud rate setting anyway.

I uploaded the roverortner config to the rover and that seems to have done the trick. I’m sitting here in the house with a solid 10hz now. It decided to snow today and we have a non-cab tractor so I cant go out and test now but will as soon as the weather clears.

So I guess that the ArduSimple config files are no good for AgOpenGPS.

I didn’t upload the baseortner config to the base yet. Is it necessary? I’ll test first without it I guess.

Thanks for your help!

You probably have too many sentences.
Edit: for rover you should only set gga and vtg

You should not use the Ortner base config, it is not meant for radio bases.

OK. Thanks for the info.