Rs232 to TTL converter died after just 2 days

I have an rs232 to TTL converter to feed GPS signal to my 2020 for the planter and after just 2 days it stopped functioning and I’m getting no output from it. All I have hooked to it inside off the GPS board is the appropriate signal and then I tied into the 5 volt and ground for the dual GPS. Did I get a bad chip? Is this normal? Did I hook up something wrong?

If all connections are good it could just be a bad device it happens.

There are slightly better ones on Ali described as Isolated 232, that prevent accidental problems caused by unexpected voltage supply on the db9

C$ 15.71 | Taidacent Power Isolation DB9 Female Ttl Serial Level Shifter Circuit Uart to RS232 SP3232 TTL Adapter Rs232 to Ttl Converter

Well, my second one worked great for testing but died almost instantly so I’m feeling like I am doing something wrong. I’m connecting to RX on the XBee socket which I see is 3.3 volt. Could that be a problem? Is the tx2 higher output? Or do I just have crappy luck.

I think all these little 232 converters require a 5V source.

Do not have any xbee gear so not sure of its limitations.

I made this a couple of years ago to send NTRIP data to a topcon receiver. Worked fine. Pretty certain I fed it 3v3 power. Is this the sort of RS232 converter you are using?

Nothing fancy like that, just something like this

I was actually talking about just the red bit at the top. The converter breakout board. The rest is just the esp32 running xbee firmware, and a power supply.

I think is is actually the same basic device. A sparkfun Max3232 breakout board.

I understand, and I normally would have gone with the sparkfun version but it has very negative reviews in some places that kinda scared me off. In addition I needed the type of port that comes on the ones I purchased and it seemed like I was saving a step.

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Looks basically the same as mine apart from the connector so yours should work really. Odd how it is failing.

The second one that I had assumed failed as it was not getting signal to the 20/20 magically started working by the time I was back with a scope, tools, and a couple parts. I didn’t ask questions and just shoved it back in the box so dad could finish the field he was in before the rain. Still though I doubt it will last and want the system to be reliable. Not sure what to change but would like to do something.