RTK base on top of Harvestore silo

Is the top of a Harvestore silo a good place for the RTK antenna or will the metal roof mess up the RF? Can I just run coax up and install just the antenna up there? I would like to keep the electronics at the ground level inside a building then run coax up. This will be the Adrusimple RTK base with the XLR xbee installed on for 900MHZ RTK corrections. Silo is 9000bu corn unit about 40’ tall. Will the long coax mess up the RF with reflections back to the power amp?

I run a 5m coax extension for my base station no problem.

The antenna should be above silo roof, the cable length would be more than 40’. I would avoid such a long cable. The same with the radio if your intention was to have the radio transmitter too somewhere lower and just the antenna at the top of the silo.

Better to build a weather proof box for the electronics even if it makes service a bit more difficult.