RTK Fix age problems

Morning, I’ve finally got my own base station up and running and managed to connect with AOG. I get a rtk fix but the age gradually gets worse and worse from around 8 seconds all the way up to 60 then I lose connection and go back onto gps, after a while it eventually connects again and repeats the above. Any ideas?

Thank you

Some information about the base setup and how you get data from the base to your AOG would help.

SimpleRTK2B, AS-ANT3B-BUDSUR-L1L2L5-25SMA, sending corrections via RTKLIB to rtk2go

What is the stream status report for your stream on rtk2go ?
Try connecting SNIP (demo) to your rtk2go mount point to check the stream quality.
BNC will also give you a detailed look at the stream quality.
What is the message configuration / frequency of your base messages ?

How do you get from rtk2go, to your AOG box ?

How many satellites does the AOG box see ? PDOP when not in Fix ? Is there a specific period for loss and reacquisition of Fix ? If the preiod is consistent then it indicates an issue in the digital side of things. If its completely random then likely something im the RF space; either GPS signal or corrections path.

Just connect Tablet to my phone hotspot.

You’ll have to bare with me, I’m new to all this and majority of what you said went straight over my head :joy::man_facepalming:t3:

Id say the fix is consistent yeh, the age increase each time seems to be pretty much the same!

I just followed the ardusimple base station guide. 1005(1), 1074(1), 1084(1), 1094(1), 1230(1).

What’s your base station name on rtk2go?

Do you suggest I use snip instead of rtklib?

No. Just that SNIP gives a detailed look into the NTRIP data stream to help diagnose if the base is generating properly formed data

Okay, I’ll give it a go when I get back to the farm this afternoon. Thank you

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Hey Tom, I got your direct message with the base name, but I’ll reply here.

Using the NTRIP checker phone app and checking the periodicity, as well as a stopwatch and the message count, it looks like all your messages are being sent 8-10x a second. It’s possible that I’m just seeing weird jitter from internet across the Atlantic, I encourage you to download the app and to check it yourself.

Your rtk2go status page does show what you would expect 1005(1), 1074(1), 1084(1), 1094(1), 1230(1) but I’m not sure what it would show if everything was sending at 10 Hz.

Download the NTRIP checker app and check the Hz setting in rtklib?

I’ve downloaded the app but it won’t let me get past the Caster page when I try to join the base station. Are you available on WhatsApp or similar?

I’m WildBuckwheat on Telegram