RTK Fix problems

While trying to set up AGiO i have not been able to detect any com ports. I am running a V4.4 micro board. I am using the following to adapt to the serial connector on my Microsoft Surface.


When I hook up my micro F9P to a breakout board everything looks fine, but when plugged into the board I get nothing as far as position data. Is it because I’m not connecting to Com ports or am I doing something else wrong? I followed the wiki but I am unsure what I am doing wrong?

Do I need to set up a virtual com port?

Try Insalot’s Config-O-Matic. There is an application for the Teensy and one for the F9P.

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Thanks Chris! I have run the tool on my F9P and Teensy. AOG appears to recognize the connection but I still don’t have an RTK Fix. The photo doesnt show it but the light on my Teensy is flashing rapidly.

What is the Wi-Fi Ntrip master doing in the radio slot?

I was going to use the Xbee to send NTRIP connections, however I am attempting to set AGiO to use client connection (i assume this is via the internet?)

The Wifi Ntrip master is typically used for an RTK base station. It requires its own GPS (F9P or other module) configured for base station operation. I would remove it from the board for now.

Is the orange light on the Teensy flashing? The picture shows it off but maybe the camera captured the photo while it was off. Just never seen that on the forum.

Yes, you need to configure Internet RTK corrections.

Yeah I have another one for my base with an ardusimple board. The light is flashing on the teensy. I’m using the client tab, under the NTRIP button in AGio and it appears to be connected but I’m not seeing any indication of RTK.

Go back to the main AgIO screen. Click the blue arrow in the upper right to expand the info. It will show what RTK messages are being received.

To the right of the GPS icon should be two numbers. One for data going into the GPS and one for data coming out of the GPS. Both should be changing periodically.

Also, as an rtk2go client no password is needed. Just your email address in the username field. Leave the password field blank.

okay, this is what I am getting. I am seeing the two numbers change to the right of the icon, but nothing in the box on the right.

I’m assuming that I have my base set up correctly if I can see it in the list?

The tall box on the far right will take a minute to start to populate. If it doesn’t, you are not getting the corrections from rtk2go for some reason.

Its not populating but I am entering all the info correctly. Should I reset my base, or is it not pushing out the right strings?

Your base station looks ok other than putting out more 1005 messages than you need but I think that should still work. The box should show the kinds of messages you are receiving so it is not working.
How are you getting the correction signal? Wifi hotspot? maybe its something with that connection. If you click the verify button what does it say?

I was attempting to use a Wi-Fi NTRIP Master (xbee). I have it set to client in AGio. AOG verifies the address when I push the button. I’ve used my email as username, tried it with and without a password. I can find and set my mount point from the table, no problem.

I had not thought to us an n trip master in that way. Maybe you could try setting it up the normal way and see if it works to eliminate some potential sources of the problem.

I was attempting to make the system more user friendly for the other people that drive my tractor.

I now have it set up the normal way and still can’t seem to receive corrections. When I use the xbee, the LEDs tell me that it is connected to Wi-Fi and NTRIP client. That was the reason I thought maybe I had base station issues.

You might be right. Are you antennas both in good shape and have a clear view of the sky? But that wouldn’t explain the messages not showing up at all now that I think about it. Do you have another base station you could try?

I do not. Are there any open streams that I can try, even if they aren’t close?

On rtk2go I don’t see any close enough to you to get a fix.

Could I at least recieve corrections from another station that is far away? I assume it would go into “float” at least?