RTK receiver

What are the difference between ardusimple RTK2B and drotek DP0601 RTK GNSS (XL F9P) ?
What are the advantage and inconvenient ?

both are based on the same ublox receiver, so identical performance and setup, but different footprint

however the prices are not the same

the DP0601 RTK GNSS (XL F9P) has a better protection from wave
but for our purpose it is not a problem

Lots of the lower cost RTK is based off the F9P.

EMLID RS2 / M2 is very user friendly and has a easy user interface. Also is setup to get corrections from your phone.

Spark Fun F9P is very affordable, but its just the Ublox chip.

Any of them are good the F9P is a great performer for its value.

Ok thanks for your answer