Rtklib and m8t problem config


I am stuck for several days on the configuration of rtklib, I try to make an m8t work in Kinematic without success, more there is that the simple mode which works correctly.
I surely forgot a parameter, but which one?
I did the manipulation to switch the module to COM port on my computer, instead of sensor
Thank you

Mon image
Mon image

A few simple debugging tips for RTKLIB

I have errors that appear

2 12:55:43.00: outlier rejected (sat= 26- 31 P1 v=747748.998)
2 12:55:43.00: outlier rejected (sat= 44- 45 P1 v=2522713.102)
2 12:55:43.00: outlier rejected (sat= 44- 53 P1 v=2158243.705)
2 12:55:43.00: outlier rejected (sat= 44- 54 P1 v=31019.550)
2 12:55:43.00: no double-differenced residual

Have you read this?

Yes,I followed this configuration

the error comes from the positioning information of the base station.
But I have the solution remains in float and I have its errors

2 06:55:16.00: ambiguity validation failed (nb=11 ratio=1.60 s=59.12/94.35)
2 06:55:17.00: ambiguity validation failed (nb=11 ratio=1.46 s=75.63/110.77)
2 06:55:18.00: large residual (sat=24-17 L1 v=-4.529 sig=1.127)

I don’t know if it will solve your problem, but i would strongly recommend switching to the latest ‘rtklibexplorer’ release of rtklib (should be ‘demo5 b33c’). In my experience the demo5 version has faster, and much more consistent fixes than the vanilla rtklib releases.

Also, what distance are you from the base station?

same problem with demo5 b33c, but errors change
2 08:27:55.00: position variance too large: 0.1139
2 08:27:56.00: position variance too large: 0.1086
2 08:27:57.00: position variance too large: 0.1035
2 08:27:58.00: ambiguity validation failed (nb=16 ratio=1.38 thresh=3.00 s=827.25/1140.63)
2 08:27:59.00: ambiguity validation failed (nb=15 ratio=1.02 thresh=3.00 s=841.60/858.43)
2 08:28:00.00: ambiguity validation failed (nb=15 ratio=1.63 thresh=3.00 s=704.77/1148.31)
2 08:28:01.00: ambiguity validation failed (nb=14 ratio=1.06 thresh=3.00 s=720.70/760.68)

it might be your ‘glonass ambiguity resolution’. see here: https://rtklibexplorer.wordpress.com/2019/05/18/a-few-simple-debugging-tips-for-rtklib/#comment-21600

to test this quickly you could exclude glonass satellites by deselecting the ‘GLO’ box on the ‘setting1’ tab

I left the rtknavi open for several ten minutes, and it went into fix. Unfortunately, there are times when there are relapses in floating. but already there are results, thank you.
I tried disabling glonass and it’s the same

How far from the base station are you? Also, are you testing indoors, or near buildings or trees?

I have stopped using M8T and rtklib for agopen now in favor of F9P modules. But I had alsorts of problems with acquiring and retaining Rtk fix. I eventually got it stable after i just used 2 constellations GPS and BeiDou or GPS and Glonass. UCentre allows to many constellations to be selected so check that the constellations you have selected are ok to be tracked concurrently (page 9 of the data sheet shows this). Just by unchecking the check box in rtklib doesn’t stop the jumbled up data from been sent to rtklib.
Something to try anyway