Section Control documentation for ferilizer spreader

using AOG for documenation for fertilizer speader

tinkered with the section control to make my Rauch MDS drawing the worked area in AOG

The data transfer is via WiFi UDP, so only power is needed. The actuall Section control code supports 2 independent networks, so it will fit with 2 tractors. If you need to adust the settings later on you can do in webinterface.

I use the ESPDuino (Arduino UNO shape) because it has a very good power regulation for 5V and 3.3V. You connect it directly to tractors 12V and it boots allways (others have trouble sometimes).

Solder the switches to GND and 2 GPIOs (e.g. 21+22 = SCL+SDA as they are near the drill hole) add 2 1k resistors from the GPIOs to 3.3V as pullups. Connect the LEDs with resistors to 3 GPOIs (15,33,32) and the power in via fuse to the jack.

It uses the section control code with settings:
2 sections, relais: yes (for LEDs), switches: yes (for the microswitches), no Main switch, no rate stuff

ESP32 here ESPDuino (Amazon ARCELI D1 ESP32)
2 IP 67 micro switches (conrad 704655)
box (hammond box C conrad 501262)
2x neodym magnet 32x5mm
LEDs for WiFi and 2x sections
5x 1k resistor for LEDs and pull up
1A fuse with holder (conrad 501262)
cables + connectors (WAGO 221) + power plug + velcor to stick PCB to box …IMG_20200128_173213_9IMG_20200128_173222_3 IMG_20200128_172649_0IMG_20200128_175644_6![IMG_20200227_164418_7|370x500](upload://wR4lkKvHGIMG_20200322_150345_9 zDyLpwKps40gJzCtiG.jpeg) IMG_20200227_182810_9IMG_20200227_182706_4 IMG_20200227_182717_1 IMG_20200227_182755_1


And with 2 electronic hydraulic valves it can also open and close the spreader?

yes, would be possible, or using linear drives, instead of the cylinders. But at the moment, I’ll open/close manually (old stuff, small fields, normally I don’t use boundarys)

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EDIT: need some pull up resistors from switches to 3.3V. After longer time the salty dust of the fertilizer “connects” the switches. With the pull up resistors should be ok.
Updated the pics

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