Section control from scratch

Hi, I want to make section control on my sprayer it is mechanical on off control no electronics.

I like to cut hose from output of mechanical valves and put solenoid valve in between then use Relay board to control valves

will this valve work ?

Only need simple on off control auto/manual any suggestions or someone already did something similar?

you need specific valves with calibrated return otherwise you will cause an overdose on the open sections

That would be great but expensive I don’t spray a lot.

Mechanical valves also cause overdose on other section so its not big issue.

if the sparyer is working as pressure regulation type it can works

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But if you also don’t spray a lot, why even worry about section control?

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why not if it can be implemented easy if it can work as that it will be 20€ same reason as autosteer not that I can’t work without it, why not go further in automation.


On off small scale yes, if all are tied together ahead of the valves, and a pressure regulator with a return to the tank, should keep constant pressure on the lines. Flow increases sould be minimal and only when starting and stopping.

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I have been using the valves you suggested now for two growing seasons. There are five nozzles per valve. Work flawlessly.


Great to know that they are reliable.

Thank you all for replays I will try making it.

I think it is possible to make a section shutoff with simple solenoids if you use a rate controller valve, something like a v-ball valve with a feedback position, then when a shutoff occurs, the controller closes the valve a little bit. You also need a feedback of flow on the pressure line, to do the calculation, and a lot of coding.

Or if you only want the on/off sections you can measure each valve’s flow, and see when you shut off one section what position the controller need to be at.

With some testing I need to check what happens with pressure on other sections when one is closed and feedback valve is opened or 2 closed and feedback open.

If it can handle all 4 closed then there will be no need to disengage pump on PTO if its 1:1 then 2 section can be off with out pressure increase. With little code modification to open valve when 2 sections are off. If it’s not proportional then

Some adjustable valve is needed.
If wanted to keep pressure constant if not it can work as that.

Appears your pressure regulator is on the right side. All heads should read the same pressure. O open or 8 open should have the same pressure if the pump can keep the regulator bleeding back to the tank. Only difference should be right when a valve opens or closes. Once the sudden change gets stable, all should read the same pressure again.

You’ll also need a general valve, otherwise, with or without 3 ways valve on each section,
your system will be always pressurized (which is not the best for tubes, pump etc …)
But I think that AOG do not manage this general valve ? AOG experts could give better advice ?
In my case, I’ve programmed the valves from ESP and I’ve integrated this general valve.
(If all are close, general is open ; if one section at least open, general close)

Well, how about you use a 3-way solenoid and transfer the third way to the tank? However, it is necessary to adjust the same pressure by connecting a valve (precision metered by-pass) to the end of the hose that returns to the tank by measuring the pressure of each section when it is open.


2 feedback valves will be general valve if all sections off 2 feedback valves open if one section on feedback closed, it will be simular to yours you coded it seperatly from AOG section control ino ? How is it conected to aog ?

It rises with how many sections off about 0.5 bar per section maybe bad regulator. Never tried all off.

Let’s try it this way. In your house, if the supply line is large enough and the pressure on the system is constant, it doesn’t matter which or how many faucets are open they are all subject to the same pressure. It one faucet is larger than the supply line, the pressure cannot maintain in the system.

Back to your system, if the pump can pressurize the system when all valves are open and still be use the pressure regulator, then you have a constant pressure system with adequate volume. Closing one valve simply should push more volume through the regulator. Closing all the valves should push 100 percent of the flow through the pressure regulator maintaining the constant pressure.

Pressure washers work on the same principle. 3000 psi and a given volume gets pumped in a circle until you pull the trigger then it comes out the nozzle and only a portion stays in the circle.

That would work too simulate sections but it needs more expensive valves (everything over 5$ shipping 50$) ,some equipment to measure pressure and new holes hoses…

yes if regulator is working good and can handle all pressure/volume.

For my spayer if regulator is working then solenoid valve closing is same as mechanical it should regulate pressure same.
If not then its doing overdose on other section if regulator can’t go back to 3 bar same way.

All volume shoud go to backfeed valves to not put all volume through regulator or test if regulator can handle all volume than backfeed valves are not needed and only 4 solenoid on section can work.

This is the reason we can’t simply monitor pressure. A stopped tip has the same pressure as open tip. We must monitor flow.

Actually if a tip blows off or a line bust, with a good pump, pressure change would be negligible. Pump would still pressure the system up to the pump volume rating.

For your system a safety line fed though an additional pressure regulator set just below the manifold pressure would take a lot of the hammer effects out of the system.

I meant by the position of the controller valve, not the controller itself. Using just fixed amounts saves a lot of coding, like any variable rate commercial controller would use, like speed feedback, PID controlling of the valve.

That would be adding rate control valve. Valve with 5 positions open 3/4 1/2 1/4 and closed to regulate flow to sections. and coding one section off move valve to position 1, 2 off to position 2.

But pressure regulator needs to handle flow to keep constant pressure regardless if rate valve is there when rate valve is closed it’s same as closing all sections. it’s unnecessary if I understand you correctly.

Getting constant rate with variable speed of tractor like rate pressure regulation cool but outside of my needs.

I need to get new regulator to handle all flow and keep constant pressure that seems easiest.