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Off-plot security.

I would like the nano autosteer to stick a relay when the tractor is in the plot… To prohibit the auto mode out of bounds.
AOG detects it because the edge turns red if you are out of view.
I had done on the V4 an autosteer modification. Ino.

But since the communication protocol has changed.

Do you know of anything that has already been done in this direction?

good morning Christophe,
this function could also be very useful for me, i’m going to try this in the future with adding a machine module (section control).
This section control controls 12/24 volt relays, choice between 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 16 relay boards.
and I wanted to try to control a servo motor with the raise/lower function (2 relays).
But first do the last lifting work here and then plant again, so a busy period ahead for me, but something is being done on this project in between the companies

this might be an idea for your plans, i clicked on your link but it refers to a french forum, and since the french language is totally incomprehensible to me i didn’t go there :slight_smile:

succes and greeting!

OH I just thought that 1 or 2 ports are not used on the nano of your AOGpcb, but I thought this depends on which pcb version you use, and I’m not 100% sure about this, I know that much now again not

Hello mouws8X

For me it’s English which is complicated but Google translate works.

The modification of autosteer. Ino that I made was for V4 version… But doesn’t work anymore with V5.!
There are several free pins on the nano of the pcb v2.
You have to solder wires to these pins on the back of the pcb.

My concern is to understand the new communications format between the PC and the nano.
Then it will be easy to modify the info to activate a next pin if the tractor is inside or outside the plot.

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