Setting up section control in UDP version 5.6

I have the 16-channel relay board connected by UDP (I used the wiring diagram for machine USB) can only get 3 relays to switch on and off. I have moved wires around and can’t get any more working. I also noticed in Brian YouTube video that he can test the relays in AGiO all 16 will switch from 0 to 1 when he hits the test button, mine will only switch the far right from 0 to 1.I have set up agopengps to use 12 switch’s and assigned pin 1 through 12 to switch 1 through 12. I must be missing a setting or something

You must edit the machine.ino.
so set more pins for output.

Like this:

then end of the file more to edit:

After editing make new upload to you board.
And now you can select pins usage in AOG Machine setup.

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Thanks have some learning to do