simpleRTK2B Lite – Basic Starter Kit

simpleRTK2B Lite – Basic Starter Kit will this do a good job as the simpleRTK2B as a base station ?

They have the same GNSS chip, just different by size and connectivity options. Both are fine for a base.

Oh ok I’m using free rtk but I don’t seem to be getting gps on the raspberry pi has anyone used the simplertk2B lite with a xbee USB on a raspberry pi

Yes is will, I am publishing my data / correction on
Status here
SimpleRTK2B from mouser, followed install instructions from github Stefal

is this with the SimpleRTK2B lite not the big board ?

I would call it the big board AS-STARTKIT-BASIC-L1L2-NH-02

yeah im running it on the big board but i was wodering if i could swap for the live version

Live version! Please explain

*lite board

From was I see simplertk2blite there is a USB connection, so why would’nd it work

yeah i know but i am using a xbee usb adaptor

Welll that’s not the only option for com ports.

Communication ports:

  1. BOTTOM XBee header
  2. XBee-to-USB adapter
  3. Pixhawk connector
  4. TOP XBee socket
    How many do you want?

something must have been lost in translation i know the communication ports
i was wondering if someone has used a lite vercion of the f9p with the rasbery pi using a xbee to usb adapter and how they did it?

Open up the you config file in U-blox Center add one more port where the correction date is been transmitted to, that is what I am going to with my Micro when it gets here.

The installation should be just like any other guide using the big boards. Have you purchased the Lite yet? When you plug the Lite into your PC, does U center recognize it? May I ask - why did you purchase the Lite instead of a big board or a micro board?

I’m not sure I totally understand what you are asking.

Tell me if this is the same thing as what you’re asking: “I’m installing RTKBase onto a Pi and I’m getting stuck on finding the right tty com port. My F9P is an Ardusimple RTK2B lite and connection to the Pi is made over USB using an xbee adapter board.”

If that’s the case, are you able to follow the RTKBase guide? Step 7. GitHub - Stefal/rtkbase: Your own GNSS base station for RTK localization with a Web GUI

I bought a simpleRTK2B Heading - Basic Starter Kit plus a simpleRTK2B for the base I am already using simpleRTK2B board on a base with pi but I am getting a all in one pcb and was wondering if I could change the simpleRTK2B for a lite so I have to simpleRTK2B to go on the pcb

Oh ok. Yes, you can use the Simple RTK2B Lite board on a base with a Pi. It will do just as good a job as any other F9P board.

You may have a bit of struggle getting the Pi communication setup. The actual UBlox F9P chip has a USB pins and serial pins, but I think on the Lite board only the serial pins are broken out and there is no access to the USB pins. That’s fine, you can do everything you need through the serial pins, just might take a little extra effort.

Yeah oven the guy that help out setting up a the rtk base said that he hasn’t managed to make it work
I will keep trying if not will just get another board but didn’t really wanted to waste the lite board

Worst case you can forget about the xbee adapter (which is a USB to serial adapter) and the USB cord and just connect the Lite straight to the pi with 4 wires. Either to the TOP XBee socket or the BOTTOM XBee header

You’ll want to connect 3V3, ground, TX, and RX. Make sure that the TX and RX that you connect to are 3V3 (the pixhawk TX and RX are 5v and will fry the Pi).

Then setup the Pi with a serial connection. Pins 14 and 15.

this pins on the lite
and on the pi are the red marking on the right place to conect the lite version ?