Gonna order a simpleRTK2B and receiver. First question is the basic all I need or is it beneficial to get the pro, lite or the -mPCIe? Secondly, do I order with headers or no? Also, does everyone purchase the optional case for it?

Basic is all you need in the tractor.

Only if you are using the GPS plugged into a PCB (GPS/IMU, Dual PCB etc) you need the headers and they are easy to solder headers yourself if you have some standard 2.54mm male header pins.

Their Basic Starter Kit is all you need, unless you have specific requirements that one of their other options might suit better instead.

There are a lot of options and alternatives. AOG is a very flexible project, but the seemingly unlimited choices can feel overwhelming. Possibly the most common receiver set up with AOG on a tractor is an Ardusimple Basic Starter Kit, with the receiver board mounted in the same enclosure as the autosteer board and connected to the tablet/laptop with a USB cable.

Perfect. Thanks guys! Thats what I thought. Just wanted to make sure.

Are you going for a base / rover setup? If so, you will obviously need two RTK2b boards.

How are you communicating between these, via radio or the internet?

Well here is my plan. First off I want to get one simpleRTK2B and hook it up to my computer just to use as a light bar for this spring. Over the summer I’d like to get a pcb ordered and set up so I can try using autosteer in the combine. By next year is when I’d like to have an rtk base station set up. I’m not quite up to speed on the rtk setup yet so taking it slow as to learn it all. I’d assume I’d go with a radio but don’t have an issue using internet off my cell phone as I have a lot of available data.

So much to learn, I hope I can follow this plan!

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I’m hoping that in my JD 9870, I can either use the integrated autosteer or use my Trimble ez steer for steering. I see a couple guys have tried to work with them so hoping I can make one of them work

We used it on our 9660 last fall. Depending on what hydraulic valve your combine has it’s very easy to hook up.

I have a ardusimple board as a rover in the tractor but seems to be sending too much data and making the Panasonic tablet run with a lag of 2 seconds I am wondering which feeds need to be disabled or is there another solution

Its standard problem and there are config that disable everything not needed like:


Make sure its 10hz rover config.

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Hi guys, I would like to know what type of antenna you are using for the RTK2b on the rover and base setups?

I’m using the standard ANN-MB for both without any problems for years.

What comes with basic kit, rover on hood and base is on 30x15cm plate very stable even get float in shed, only time that I lose RTK signal is when there is no internet for NTRIP.

Customfordfan, can I get more info on how you hooked yours up? How do I find out what type of steering valve I have on my 9870?

Ok, thanks for the reply.
Does anyone have experience with this type of antenna?

Would it be more suitable?

Do you know if yours has a hydraulic valve? Ours has an Eaton Vickers valve that the previous owner installed. Running AOG was as simple as connecting the valve to the cytron, and tying into the previously installed WAS. Our valve is mounted on the left hand side close to the toolbox.

Maybe somebody is using this kit:

Gps is working on usb. Having trouble connecting it over Bluetooth (Dell tablet with windows 10). Tablet sees the ardusimple over 2 com ports. First time connected was working for short time. After Aog droped conection and can’t reconect over com port. The receiver ir still on com port lists.

Could this be the problem?

I use Bluetooth as well, but every time I start AOG I must change connection speed on GPS Bluetooth com port. (From 36000 to 9600 try connect and then back to 36000 and then connection work again. )
I bet it could be solved by setting speed on com port in Windows

Mine has the factory integrated autosteer. A little different.