Single Antenna, Reverse Detection and Settings

Do you have a single antenna and use reverse direction?

We need some help figuring out why some have issues and some do not at all.

So if you could please answer these simple questions it would help a great deal.

  1. Does reverse detection work well for you?
  2. Where is your antenna mounted? Front of cab, over front wheels etc
  3. What is your Start Speed set at? (In the Config/Data/Single Antenna Settings)
  4. What is your Trigger Distance set at? (In the Config/Data/Single Antenna Settings)
  1. Yes
  2. 250 height 140 in front of pivot point
  3. 1.0
  4. 0.6

F9P+ Bno085
Filter heading 60% IMU 40% GPS

Hello What is your heading filter setting? Personally I have noticed that it works best using 100% IMU (CMPS14).

  1. No, sometimes lost during work; and each time I exit Config Dialog
  2. Cab Mount, 282 height 15 in front of rear axle
  3. 1,0 km/h Start speed
  4. 1,0 m
  1. No, it happened to me that the vehicle was in reverse, I had to restart the application.
  2. Cab support, 180 height 280 in front of the rear axle
  3. 0,5km / h starting speed

I think its not necessary to restart the application. Just click the tractor on screen. This resets the actual moving direction

  1. Ok - Simple Fwd/Rev. Bad - Quick short 3 point bumpy turn, and completely useless when leaving settings page.
  2. 280 height 50 in front of pivot point
  3. 1.5
  4. 1.0

F9P+ Bno085
Filter heading 70% IMU 30% GPS

In my opinon (and thats dosnt mean much lol) to fix 99% of the drama:
If you remove all the “mf.ahrs.imuRoll = 88888;” and have “mf.ahrs.imuRoll = 0;” then when leaving the settings pages it just resets from zero and slowly rolls to the correct angle. Smooth as with no dramas.

Otherwise how it is now, it sets the roll to 88888 deg, then slowly rolls to the correct angle (we lose count how many times we roll the tractor) and 9/10 times we end up going the wrong way.

I would say its the same problem with “mf.ahrs.imuHeading = 99999;” and fusing the imu heading

Works well on a sp sprayer
105 infront of the piviot, 340 high,
1km/h and 1meter fix

  1. Yes, not 100% but good enough. Sometimes a three point turn makes it go wrong. (Certainly not every three point turn.)
  2. Cab Mount, 3,2 m height 1,9 m in front of rear axle
  3. 1,0 km/h Start speed
  4. 2,0 m Trigger distance.

Ok! Tanks

Yes, this i need to fix. I suppose the best way would be to note if the roll was 88888 before heading into config as 88888 tells AOG no roll is connected in the first place. And when leaving, do the appropriate thing. Setting it to 0 upon leaving would force systems with a roll to then have a roll.

Thank you for the replies so far, settings seem good.

Anyone tried to crank up the start speed and trigger distance to say 4 kmh and like 2m and see if it is better or worse or same?

And yes, if heading the wrong direction - be sure to be going forward > 1.5kmh and touch the tractor. it will reset.

I know on the simulator you cannot in any way make reverse detection fail - ever. However in the real world - All it takes is 1 gps fix being in the wrong place at the wrong time, heading gets changed.

the problem with setting imu high is if there is a big difference between gps heading and imu heading - like every time you turn, it takes a very long time before the gps can correct the imu error.

  1. Mostly works well, depending on the driving style of the operator and the specifics of the job.
  2. Most often the front of the cabin.
    Most often it makes mistakes on small equipment, with sharp turns when maneuvering at the headland. Virtually never gets confused when you reverse straight and go straight ahead.
    Perhaps it would be possible to add a condition using the data from the steering sensor. If the wheels are turned right and the IMU is turning right, set it forward, if the wheels are turned right and the IMU is turned left, set it back.

If you have an imu, it actually uses the imu heading to determine current vehicle heading when going slow so the fusion is almost 100% imu. Once you go above start speed it uses the imu fusion setting from config form.

Kind of frustrating because i can not make it fail in my tractor no matter how i turn/backup/turn other way/go forward.

Start speed 2kmh, fix to fix 1m antenna from of cabin.

Has anyone disconnected imu and tried reverse detection ? Was it better, or worse or same?

Personally, while working on my tractor, I did not notice any confusion in the direction. I only know the problem from the stories of the people I installed. And it’s only true for the few people who have it, most don’t see any problem at all.

Any guesses as to what it can be for them? After staring at the code last couple days - i did notice a bug when Reverse Detection is set to OFF and you are driving below start speed, no new headings are calculated.

Maybe it’s the computer’s sluggishness? One guy mainly has a problem with that as well as other weird stuff, he’s using a P. FZG1 MK1. I have been using cfd1 mk2 in my installations for a long time and I guess there is no problem with them.