Single Antenna, Reverse Detection and Settings

Tested… on 5 vehicles.

Like you still waiting for the 1st time having a heading error.

I think it works flawless.


Tried it yesterday on a combine, works flawlessly. Its time to update the rest of the squad. :sunglasses:

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Have also tested today, works flawless for me.

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Tested, direction detection works perfect , but steereng is lettle better at 5.7.2.

When tractor wiggles 5.7.2 is more stable.
On new version when i go thru some hole in road with both version tested , 5.7.2 turns little bit, but a lot.
Roll filter is 0 on both version.
I miss yellow square in the middle.

It whood be realy nice if there is phisycal button for centering ab line.
Very useful in plowing.

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hot key P is not enouth ?

with virtual keyboard you can play with

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Yes 5-7-3-1 overly aggressive with roll compensation.

Ordered this, buttons are programable :grin:
Whent tractor goes and shaking its hard to touch on tablet, with this it will be perfect.

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