Single Antenna, Reverse Detection and Settings

Tested… on 5 vehicles.

Like you still waiting for the 1st time having a heading error.

I think it works flawless.


Tried it yesterday on a combine, works flawlessly. Its time to update the rest of the squad. :sunglasses:

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Have also tested today, works flawless for me.

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Tested, direction detection works perfect , but steereng is lettle better at 5.7.2.

When tractor wiggles 5.7.2 is more stable.
On new version when i go thru some hole in road with both version tested , 5.7.2 turns little bit, but a lot.
Roll filter is 0 on both version.
I miss yellow square in the middle.

It whood be realy nice if there is phisycal button for centering ab line.
Very useful in plowing.

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hot key P is not enouth ?

with virtual keyboard you can play with

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Yes 5-7-3-1 overly aggressive with roll compensation.

Ordered this, buttons are programable :grin:
Whent tractor goes and shaking its hard to touch on tablet, with this it will be perfect.

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I’ve compiled the latest version of from Github + done a few hectares of work with it yesterday, in my case it seemed to hold the AB line better, reverse detection actually worked reliably and the headland turn function is much better too. I have my roll filter set to 5 and have mostly flat fields so I can’t say i noticed it being more or less aggressive to IMU input.

Ive tested new versions , reverse detection works good , but reverse steering very bad.
Tractor wont go on ab line , it steers but it cant get to line.She is not in line with tractor , shes stuck at some angle.
When i go forward steering is good.And everything works.

When i test older versions 5.7.2 reverse steering works great , but detection is problem sometimes.

Did anyone tried to go in reverse on new wersions ?

I am using 5.7 3 and works great forward as reverse. Backwards 0 to 2 cm from abline.

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