Site not found -

Hi Admin.
All links (started by…/…/.) are dead (although it’s not dead, it’s just changed the HOST address).
Is it possible to automatically convert links containing to ?
Or at least an announcement that has been changed to to provide a way out of the deadlock?

Still dead? Richard did some tricks yesterday and the ones I tested worked.

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Yes. I still see that above picture on this link

Hmm I am not sure I unserstand correctly.
That specific links is the name of main group on the old and now shut down agopen group, so yes it is dead now.

Where did you find that link?

I think other crosslinks to old answers in specific threads now works.

Hi Admin.

That specific links is the name of main group on the old and now shut down agopen group, so yes it is dead now.

I don’t know when it existed.
I have known AGOPENPS for a long time and have been following this forum for almost 2 years.
The last time I saw the old link working was April 2021 when I posted my new post.

Where did you find that link?

Oh, it’s everywhere because it already exists.
People share information and updates of AGOPENGPS on Facebook,TheCombineForum, Twitter, Google, HACKERDAY, GitHub,YouTube, … agricultural magazine articles and on various forums about RTK agriculture over the years. (and it stays there as dead links when )
Everyone knows the old HOST is dead trying to access those old links.
But the problem is that they don’t know where it has been moved because there is no guide to the new HOST (until trying to find someone who used to be a member of AGOPENNGPS and the important thing is that he also must know about the new HOST.
I even thought AGOPENGPS was discontinued until M_ELIAS gave me the answer here ).

I think other crosslinks to old answers in specific threads now works.

How does it work?
I don’t see it working.
Take a look at this 2nd link:

First link is dead and Second link is alive.
The problem is that no one knows the existence of the Second link .

The above link is not mine, someone on Emlid posted it here:

As far as I know, usually before migrating to a new HOST, the old HOST should at least maintain an auto-redirect API for a while.

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Now I get your point :slightly_smiling_face:
As you can see the new group started before end of August.

The old one was kept open for reading the next month.

The fixed links are the ones inside the new forum.

I don’t know what rules discourse have for this, but maybe it is possible to create a “new group” with the exact same name as the old one, with just one post telling where we are now. And read only!

Or maybe there are a homepage setting which could redirect the old name (and maybe other misspelled options) to the new forum.

The last option (if possible) would be better solution, for solving the problem you point out, with redirecting all links from any other forum, where old agopengps links has been added.

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I’m glad you’ve really taken care of this issue.
There are a lot of good and valuable articles that exist on AGOPENGPS but are blocked from the outside world by a link error.
Hope the admins of AGOPENNGPS will have a solution to this problem soon.


I asked to discourse if they can forward it to our new forum page but that wasn’t any of the options at the time I asked sadly…


Yeah. And now it was reported. Hope you all can do something to make it become easier to use as before.

Is that discourse forum running at your own servers?

Is that discourse forum running at your own servers?

Are you asking me?
I’m not an admin on Emlid.
Are you looking for a solution to own a server to run your own Forum ?

Oh sorry…

No there is a function for the forum admin to change all lines to our new hosting page. But that needs to be done by the admin who’s running the discourse page. That’s exactly how I did it here on the new forum.

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That’s why I’m reporting to you and need you to contact the Discourse’s admin. Surely there must be a workaround/solution .
Looking forward to receiving your good news.

hi admin

it’s very hard to find new forum on google search old links don’t work and new forum doesn’t show up. Only place where i find correct new link is github.
First thing that show up in search for AgopenGPS has wrong link etc.

anybody else having problem finding new site ?


anybody else having problem finding new site ?

I guess there are many… but unfortunately they can’t reply to you because they still try to find it.
R.I.P for those who still haven’t found a new site. :sweat_smile:


as information

link to french section never work beacause old link

if you have time to update it

Thanks in advance

Will do… thanks for finding this irritating bug.