SK21 Switchbox Issues

I had the opportunity to sow my field last week.
I found a “bug” or at least something that is not suitable for my use.
When I sow, seeder in the ground, meter running (motor mode ), switch position:
Master On (yes it’s a momentary button)
Auto ON
Section 1 ON (I only have one section)

Ok it works very well, regulates, all good!

When I turn off the section 1 switch, the metering unit continues to receive a pwm and is still running although there is no active section. The only way to stop it is to switch master OFF.

I will check it out.

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Wouldn’t it work to switch off master instead of your only section?

Yes, only using master could be a solution, I don’t need a section.

I use work pin and the work signal coming from iso 11786.
In the current switchbox this acts on the section.
The problem is switching it to the master and leaving MAster ON for more than 3 seconds starts the simulation. However, the signal coming from the ISO is not momentary. So to use workpin on the master you would need to adapt the code.

What version of the ino and of the rate app?

Hi all !

As of version 3.7.6, I can no longer switch manually with the switch on the switchbox from the 9th section onwards. It still worked with the previous version. I can switch all sections on and off with the master switch. Can you check again where the error is? (4.6 MB)

Thanks for finding the problem. That was a good one to fix. Try this version and see if it works now.

It works perfect. Thanks !!!