SK21 Switchbox Issues


I am in the process of making a switchbox to work with the SK21 Ag Rate controller. I’m using the latest SWarduino code and finding when I turn Auto section control on it turns off all of my section control switches. When Auto section control is off they work as normal. When I toggle the auto switch it definitely is interacting with AOG as the automatic section control turns on and off.

Wondering if it’s something with the arduino code. Watching the serial data being sent from the module I can see the 4th data set is the section switches. With auto section off and all 4 sections on it sends 106,127,0,15,0,248. With auto section on and all 4 switches on it sends 106,127,1,0,0,234. The 3rd data set changes from 0 to 1 and the 4th goes to 0. The 4th data set will not change at all when I turn individual sections on and off with the auto section control button on.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

Is the tractor moving? If auto is on but the tractor isn’t moving the switches will be off. If the implement is over a worked area with auto on the switches will also be off.

I’m only testing in simulation mode currently. After posting this I found another thread “(Variable) Rate Control” where you and others discussed implementing a work pin for a seeder that takes control of the master switch when in auto. Could this code change be causing issues for my application?

In simulation mode my relay board works fine with auto section control until I hook up my switchbox.

Hello. I am also facing the same problem. turn on auto, the section turns off

2024-01-15 (5.0 MB)
It works in this video. What versions of switch software and Rate Controller are you using?

I’m using the SWarduino.ino dated 02-Jan 2024 and my rate controller is RC11 Teensy. AGOpen GPS version is 5.7.2. The rate controller board has no effect on the switchbox. With rate controller disconnected the switchbox still overrides my individual section control when I flip the auto on.

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when you turn on the car, the section turns off

Yes. Exact same issue I am facing.

What is RateApp version? Are using usb or ethernet?

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I’m using USB. Same RC version 3.6.3

I tested with usb, same software versions and it works. I’ll try with ethernet.

Works with ethernet too. (5.4 MB) (4.5 MB)
These are the files I am using. PCBsetup has the Switchbox firmware and the settings can be sent from there as well.

could it be a problem that I don’t have a diode on the 5v power cord

It shouldn’t matter, as long the nano has power.

On a breadboard I can’t reproduce the problem either. The section switches stay on whether auto is on or off.

Hello one more question, for her I want the sprayer to spray before starting to drive, what should I turn on? It has no speed, so the sprayer does not spray. the sections open, but the cytron does not respond until the speed appears

Switch to manual.