Sniffing Fendt 724 ISOBUS signals

How would I go about sniffing what data is in the different ports of the Fendt 724 Gen 6? One of my goals is to make a phone app to move the tractor remotely, but mostly just to mess around. I have some electronics knowledge with Arduinos and other stuff. Should I get a Canbus shield or something similar? Where can I find pinouts or other documentation for the different ports?

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Buy a meatpi, make your life a lot simpler, use with savvycan

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Which meatpi should I buy? They have a good amount of products.

Also would something like this work? 2x RS485 + 1x CAN tietoliikennekortti HAT 3,3V Galvaanisesti erotettu, Raspberry Pi, 8-28V DCDC / WS-23227 - Triopak Oy
I would be able to get this faster than something like the meatpi products.

Is Canbus the best port to use for this or are there better alternatives?

There are 5 CAN bus: M-Bus > engine/DEF, V-Bus > valves/steering, K-Bus > every Button/UI, G-Bus > transmission, ISOBus

Not sure about Gen6 but there might be some diagnostic ports near the fuse panel or under the buddy seat.

If I remember right, the fuse panel area does not have other than the valve bus (perhaps isobus too). There is an OBD port at the buddy seat area but it is Ethernet only. The box serving this OBD port has pretty much all CAN buses but not straightforward to reach.

Isobus, valve bus and K-bus available in the roof for the GNSS receiver.