Solder to use 12v for cytron

If I plan to not use a voltage riser should I solder the 12v to use for cytron pins on the AIO? Or should I leave it as is.

I would always recommend that you power the motor separately from the rest of the board through pin 18. But you can solder the jumper for 12v if you wanted and you would probably be fine.

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Why is it better to power it from pin 18, after all the current still passes trough the pcb. I’m not an expert so i dont know, just curious.

Doing it separately allows you to use separate fuses and limits the possibility of the Cytron’s power surges from interfering with the Teensy, and the Cytron power should come direct from the battery (though a fuse & disconnect)

Edit a day later : Got the following wrong as @Pat points out in next post. I
just remembered diagrams from older boards!

Yes the output goes same way. 12v in goes through a diode (for reverse polarity protection of pcb ) that diode is rated at 3A. So definitely use pin 18 for power in for cytron, which also allows you to have converter outside the steerbox.

The cytron is powered before the diode on all v4 AiO boards. So it’s really just to have a dedicated pin for cytron to use pin 18.

But if using pin 22 to power Cytron you have to fuse that to allow for Cytron power, but the PCB only uses 0.5amps (unless using Lock to power more than a relay).

So PCB needs say 1 or 2 amp fuse, but if powering Cytron might need 10 amp.