Standard PCB vs. Micro PCB?

Im getting ready to build my first system. Looking through all of the info, i couldn’t find any info on which system is better. Is there any advantage to the STD PCB over the Micro PCB, or the other way around? Honestly if there isn’t isn’t then id just go with the micro to save space.

The micro is slightly more expensive, but worth the cost in my opinion.

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I used standard for base and micro for pcb. Standard has usb so you can easily plug it to pc, with micro it has to be on pcb.

Micro only save space, price and versatility of STD is better IMO.

Check the dimensions of the boards, STD is longer but narrower,with the plug on the narrow side. Sometimes AiO STD fit better than micro in the tractor.

I can tell you that most PCB development of new boards happens with the Micro first, and then the Standard after.

You can use a micro as a base too, just need a USB adapter. Ardusimple sells them or there are PCB plans for the micro breakout board.

Micro has smaller footprint, but the Std is narrower and fits better beside tractor seat.

Micro F9P has headers on it already, Std you need to solder header pins, although can buy pins soldered to.

Std is cheaper and usually stocked at Digikey, Mouser etc.

Std you need a pigtail to connect SMA to enclosure faceplate. This is something else to buy, but this means there’s no danger of overtightening the antennae cable and twisting the F9P off the PCB as can happen with the Micro.

Std has USB port on the F9P, the Micro does not and relies on a USB connector on the PCB which easily break off.

Micro PCB upgrades tend to be released first.

Really not much in it, I use both.


Standard AOG board for me since it has the UM982 slot. :grin:

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