I know I need a screen, wheel angle thingys, and some way or steering the wheel, but what do I need in the way of circuit boards, antennas, wiring and all that jazz? Is there filly pre made or nearly fully pre made sets out there? I’m just a bit bamboozled by it all and want to get started.

I have downloaded the software onto my laptop, for now, to have a go getting used to it in simulation mode but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. My endgame is to have auto steer, but if I can get it working as a light bar to start with and then add the auto steer in that will do.

Dad and others are very anti autosteer so won’t fork out for it, so this is, from what I can tell, the cheapest way I can do it as a proof of concept, and also a way I can lock anyone else out of using it as “we don’t need GPS” :joy:

As I said, complete novice, need it writing down in a guide somewhere “AOG for dummies” kinda thing step by step what I need and how to glue it all together…

where are you from ?

you will find most of the answers here or search the forum for topics with a similar question to yours

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Uk, I have searched and can’t find anything specific hence the question

If you would like to buy some components or a ready-made set, there is a Polish store
the basic things are a tablet, box/controller, turning sensor and GPS antenna, if you assume that the whole thing will be with an auto steering system, you have to answer yourself what you want to turn the steering wheel - a DC motor with a plastic gear mounted on the steering wheel / electric steering wheel / or a hydraulic block - there are different opinions on these things, for example a DC motor with a gear may be the cheapest, assuming you have your own 3D printer but without a printer, I think it will also be a cheaper option
Search results for 'starting' - AgOpenGPS
How to get started
I don't know where to start
Starting with agopengps

Basically an all in one board and then the stuff in the other components list in this link.

@Farmerhenners if you just want to try the most basic light bar all you really need is a laptop or tablet and a gps. The ardusimple F9P is dirt cheap compared to commercial systems and AOG has a basic light bar at the top of the screen already.