Steer Motor quit working

So was setting up my auto steer configuration, everything was going well till my motor cut out. I’ve no longer got power coming out from the motor output connectors. I’m running a teensy pcb (which i bought from someone, brand new), what might be bricked/need replacing? Before it went out, it was continually turning in one direction, even though the tractor couldn’t turn more, and the motor was working hard. There’s power comeing from all the on/off switches, the autosteer symbol is green, just no response

I don’t see a cytron. These MOSFETs I circled look to be for steering might be shorted. Did you get a schematic with this board?

That looks like one of Andreas Ortner’s boards.

No i didn’t get a schematic diagram with this board, is there a way to check/see if they’re shorted?

Yeah it is, bought it through a third-party though. Does andreas have a help chat line in English? Or only through his membership program?

I don’t know much about his offerings. Check out his site at If you use Chrome, you can install Google translate extension to automatically translate the pages.

So the turning the wrong way need to be corrected before you get a new board hooked up. Either the WAS is backwards or the motor direction is backwards.

Yeah I’ve been on there lots with translate on. But might have to become a member for more info

No that wasn’t the problem. The WAS and motor direction was correct. Had it following a line decent enough. It might have been incorrect right before it quit though… that’d explain maybe why it kept turning

Depending on what a subscription costs per year, might be better off ordering an AIO v4.5 board from JLCPCB. Their minimum for assembled boards is two so you will have a spare. I think the last ones I ordered were like $150 for 2 with shipping. You can then move your modules over to the new board. Lots of info and help here for free.

Andreas should have an email to find him at. I can’t imagine that he would be charging for support for his boards.

By the way that is kinda a Cytron driver. It uses the same driver IC as the Cytron (DRV8701) and most likely the same N Fets(NCE4080K). Same setup as a cytron, just cheaper and with freewheel and current sense built in. Which is probably the direction the AIO boards are heading.

Integrating the Cytron might be the way to get all the features needed but will make the board unrepairable to 99% of the users when something like this happens.

If his board had a cyrton module its just a matter of swapping a new one in.

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If you can’t get ahold of him by email he is also on this forum. Could probably send him a DM.


Agree, I’ve seen a few Cytrons damaged by incorrect wiring.
Easily fixed by swapping in a new Cytron, which are relatively cheap and available next day in many parts.

Fitting an appropriate fuse to the motor incoming power is the lesson here too.