Steer settings Tutorial

A tutorial on many of the basic steer settings.


Languages are back for subtitles. Pressure by the deaf community changed You Tube. Check out the subtitles

Why did they ever remove them!?!

Apparently “people” were hacking existing CC’s and putting horrible things in instead of the proper text.

Finally got to take AOG for a first drive. This tutorial was great and timely for me but I had to just guess the steering angle. It would produce a very different result every time I tried to drive the circle.

I notice the version in the video does not have Side hill deg per deg of roll setting, so I may also have to update. Only messed with it an hour and it could follow 2cm+/- pretty easy on the flat, it would go through a ditch fine but then get a bit wonky shortly after the obstacle. Sure I will iron it out soon.

It took a month of messing around and tuning steering to get my old ez guide 150 to this point. :grin: :+1: :+1:

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