Steering 70 cm to the right all the time

have built two complete units pcb v2. both work great but both steer 70 cm to the right of the line all the time. different wheel angle sensors (one delphi one princess auto). different motor drivers (one cytron one ibt). different receivers (one an outback s3 one a topcon maphp). One in a tg 285 and one in a nh 9060 combine. gotta be something in my settings no?

Sounds like it please post screenshots of your implement settings. Did it run good for awhile?

have run for several thousand acres

the only thing i have in my implement setting is the width and the distance from the implement to the hitch

So driving 70 cm beside an AB line you have just made, with full RTK?

Not clear to me what “off the line” here means. I guess not 70 cm off the line on AOG display? It could be WAS calibration off but 70 cm is too much for that.

Could be implement offset but you seem to claim that this is zero.

Is it off compared to some other system running from a different RTK correction signal? Could be incorrect base coordinates.

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Was in the the angle sensor. Got it figured out. Thanks for the help

Both units’ WAS was off center?

Yes both. Quite the coincidence really.

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