Steering Angle Sensor on Trak Tractor

Sorry if this has been discussed in other topics, but does anyone have any ideas on how to attach a steering angle sensor on a trak tractor? Looking to accomplish this in the easiest way possible to adhere to the rest of a typical setup.

If you are using an electric motor with friction drive to turn the steering wheel, then I think your WAS needs to measure the steering wheel position. On our JD tracks, I want to integrate AoG with the existing electronic steering (like our AutoFarm does it) so in that case, I think AoG will need to assume it’s steering command is being obeyed without any actual feedback.

Do you have any sensors in mind? I purchased a used ATU 200 steering wheel that was broken and was able to get that mounted easy enough. Then I mounted the phidgets motor inside that housing. So, im half way there just need some ideas on the remaining sensor.

Maybe this way:
As far as I remember, when I had a test setup in office using SIM, with auto on and AB line on, it worked like “drive by wire” so when turning WAS on the table, there was output to motor driver.
Just an idea: Mount a WAS in the cabin and use it to finetune direction and maybe as “drive by wire”

Do you think any potentiometer would work? Just find a way to mount it to the steering column out of the way? I do wonder if it would need calibrated/configured every time I use it tho. The steering angle would not remain fixed when the potentiometer loses power. Would the steering wheel be required to be straight every time I turn off the tractor so the SteerPosZero variable is consistent?

Yes a normal potentiometer around 1 Kohm will work. I have one soldered direct to my test PCB.
First I must say I have no idea how your steering system works, I have never met at trak tractor!
But set potentiometer to almost straight, and then adjust to zero in program.
I don´t think potentiometer needs to be connected to steering wheel.
When clicking auto in SIM (when close to an AB line) the Setpoint in steer chart changes and therefore activates motor driver (cytron or IBT-2)
Depending on how much Agressiveness you set, it first go to one side then to the other(=crossing line)
But I dont know how much it will oscillate, when WAS is always at zero degree, solution to that could be the Heading input?
I assume that with a GPS signal on real tractor then setpoint will be more and more off, when going away from AB line, and that way control the motor driver correct, and combined with heading I believe it will work fine.

Would you have any pictures of what you did to get the phidgets motor in the atu? Was the shaft size the same? I have one that still works but I would consider tearing it down if it was worth the trouble