Steering ring gear printing cost

How much should it generally cost to get the steering wheel gear and pinion 3d printed from a commercial company?
I got a quote today of £900 ???

What material are they best printed with?

900 … you can buy a 3d printer for half of this ammount…

Yeah I second that just buy the printer, make the ring. Then make all the Disney figurines your children and grandchildren can handle.


What material is it best to use to print the components?

You should avoid PLA which is the simple to use and print.
Try PETG or ABS, the second one is the toughest to print because of adhesion problem to the bed, but is the strongest.
PETG is the best alternative, pay attention to adhesion to bed, it has similar problem as ABS but not the same.

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I use PTEG


Printer : Creality 3D V2

Why not pla?

pla deforms even left at the sun. It is hard but very brittle so it is not suitable to be used in a gear-pinion set.
If you want to buy a 3d printer you should buy PLA only for testing and learning how to print.
Use PETG instead if you want to put the system in a tractor.

PLA does the job just fine. Although I my tractor isnt often left in hot sun.


Just a question of marging. PLA have a softening temperature arround 60°C. So if you don’t exceed, it’s ok.
PETG have softening temperature arround 70°C, 10 °C higher.
If you let your tractor in hot sun, you have more maring with PETG.
And PETG is quite simple as PLA to print.


When buying PETG i would avoid PETG from flashforge, I only had Problems when trying to print it.
I would start blogging and stringing in between layers and i couldn’t get i t to work, tried higher and lower Nozzle temps but it would not print properly.
Also when Printing parts that don’t need high Details i would suggest switching to a bigger Nozzle Diameter, like 0,8mm or 1mm (most printers come standard with 0,4mm Nozzles) therefore you can print a lot faster.

Hello guys,
Where I can 3d print for cheap price?

How much does a printer that is good for printing parts? China a good deal for 3D printers? Recommend a printer!

Haven’t tested it yet. Should compare different shop prices for a part.

I got a ender 3 pro. Bought it for under 200. Think it’s enough for printing rough parts for a tractor.

In Poland I paid 250zl for all elements.

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Can you tell me the name of the company?

I only have an email address.

If you don’t want your own printer then probably the cheapest option is to find another amature with one who can print it for you.

After getting one online quote for a one off part printed commercially, I hastily bought my own printer.

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I thought 3D printers were a toy for years, now I fix all sorts of things with them.

Try an online used market place like kijiji in canada. Some get lots of use, some lose interest pretty quick.

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Hi guys, thanks for the feedback. I decided to order an Ender 3 printer. I hope it works out.