Still having serial and UDP problems

Ive been having some issues with the autosteer PCBv2 loosing USB connection, and then not regaining without going to serial ports, and reconnecting.

I thought I would try and solve this today, and make a connection with UDP to PCB (nano ethernet adapter > router > wifi > tablet), this brought some other problems though… the UDP counter would go up, and I was getting a reading from my WAS, and intermittently from my steer switch, but everything else there was no reading, and I never got the motor to work.

Ive also seen a correlation between me plugging in my charger and usb connection dropping to the board.

Has anyone else had similar problems, I’m guessing it is something with my board build, or my tablet?

Ive also been getting ‘usb device not recognised’ at times for generic usb hub. I don’t have a powered usb hub, but there is one on the way, to try and rule that out.

My Build consists of
PCBV2, MMA, Cytron, ADS115, 24v motor
Dell venue pro 11
Tinkerforge Brick
ardusimple rtk2b

Hello! This is a problem for me too!

Feed Pcb and pc directly from battery. That should help.

For more about udp check this thread:

And more about lost usb connection here:

Windows try to save laptop battery so it could stop powering the usb port. There is an option in windows to not cut power to usb ports . Search on internet for more info

Sorry it took so long to thank everyone for their replies, been super busy with grass work, and just started harvesting barley.

I think I now have a success story! Worked today all day, like a dream.

I changed my ground from the cytron… It previously had a separate positive supply from the battery via 24v converter, but used to ground to the PCB board. It now grounds direct to the battery (think this may have been the main problem).

I also changed my cheap USB hub for a powered higher quality 12v one.

Really pleased with my setup now!! Thanks again to you all!