Swiftnav rtcm 3 freewave and rf design radios

So i thought i would start a thread on a project ive got goin. I currently have a base station setup on our grain leg, roughly at 90 ft in the air. Im including a picture. GNSS antenna is located at 4 on the roof of shop. Swiftnav base is located inside. Sending corrections out through freewave radio at 3. This is picked up by a 2nd freewave at 2. this is passed to a 3rd freewave via 9-pin RS 232. And is broadcast with aEAN0906WB Antenna 902-928 MHz, 8.15 dBi, 65" omnidirectional fiberglass antenna. I want to Tee the rtcm 3 out to an RF design RFD 900+ between 2 and 1. This would be for the dual antenna systems based on ardusimple RTK2B im in the process of getting into. Ill post more as i get into it.

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This is what i think i need to do. The LM2596 will provide power. the rfd 900+ calls for 5 v the max3232 call for 3.3 -5 . The MAX3232 will recieve the RS232 from the freewave and convert it to TTL and then send it to the RFD 900+. Any thoughts on this would be welcome.

rfd + interfaces freewave board