Switch Mode: Servo to disengaged the Clutch Mecanisn of steering with ACS712

by context

-ACS 712 can check the current consomption of the motor and with AOG we can define a limit to stop autosteer
(chosse and ACS 712 with correct lin up in our case 5A range is ok for most of us)

-Switch mode is mode in AOG that start the autosteer by activate and stop by release our sensor/switch

Today   when  we use the switch  mode  with ACS712
It is not possible   to  stop autosteer because the switch is  engaged .

In my case the switch is in motor bracket and after mechanical coupling the autosteer start .
Manually we need to disconnect the mecanism to stop autosteer .

-Adding an ACS712 cannot change the scenario with actual configuration of ino file and i want to unclutch the clutch mecanism to get free steering wheel and deliver this task to the servo .

The servo is equiped with wire in shape of slot that permit only to disengaged.
The power is taking care from 12 v to isolate from Nano ( but you can do test with the 5V of the board )
On Board D5 is PWM port available and necessary to drive Servo directly

i put info in this video

Code here github

 The  target  is to  continue to use the clutch manually  with safe  unclucth in case of