Small teeth and friction universal mecanism

As Story to achieve to this result

Since I start the AOG story i choose :

small gear ( or friction ) concept to drive the steerin wheel

as argument

  • with a smal gap you can disconnect it quicly
  • you can also reconnect it as you want without checking syncro
  • allignement of the gear is not perfectly required
  • you can also use the slippage in case of emergency taht you pull the steering wheel
  • they is no play so less noise

but as important and negative point

  • you need to aply pressure on the gear
  • the slippage can exist if you want to rotate quicly
  • the small gear is the fuse of the sytem
  • better to use different component for the steering gear and the motor gear
  • probably consume more energy than gear ( effect of puncture tyre)

As a second point of view i would like to do in steel with small parts of 3D printing and i do my trial with JD tractor that i have acces to the farm

It with request to make a strong attachement to fix the clutch and some 3d parts to attach the couronne gear
Job done for me step 1 !

if i use an initial electric motor 12 V from MFA, i adopt to consider the famous Phildget by increase the size
Job done for step 2 !

So now and step by step with friend we adopt this to other brand like Claas , New Holland, Mc Cormick and probaly other adopt this concept
Job done for step 3 !

If my initial is to use combination of strong steel parts and a TPU gear for fuse , noise … i redesign it to 3D printing solution to satified 3D printing person
Job done foer Step4 ! (thanks @lolo85 )

As an other request that it was difficult to get motor i adapt it to use several other motor by only modify the sliding parts
Job done foer Step5 ! (thanks @Guillaume, @Daniel )

As other request i do some version for ISO standard and some for imperail dimention
Job done foer Step6 ! (thanks @Mueller )

So now i have this version available for steel or 3d printing i also propose some gear but can be combinated with other design

Explanation are here

files are here
Clutch :

Steering gear JD or …

And if you check this folder you can find other solution

today small improvement exist like:
Excentric to adapt the pressure for friction
Full bending solution instead of welding solution
Remote lever to put the motor in front of steering


Update about other motor compatible with 3D printing solution

CNXCI Solution-
50mm diameter center ring 27 mm
60mm diameter center ring 32 mm

MFA 970D471


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Small update

I add new model for metal sheet choice

This one is only laser cut and bending without welding

dont forget to tap before bending it is really more easy

this version is available with metric solution 4mm and imperial solution 3/16

Also this version integrated a back remote in case of electric motor with no direct acces

Is there a reason why metric M5 “support type normal_print_equation+palette” the double handle has an M6 insert?
Thank you,


sorry it is mistake of design and confusion of steel one

find an update version
support V2 Print Metric Palette - remove_txt_extention.STL.txt (286,4 Ko)

thanks for report this

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i update all files

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Just for the fun

i explain the result to put electric cylinder to the mecanism

i cannot simply connect to PWM2 out put because the clutching wear the gear
so i make altenative by using two output to control more efficiancy the initial speed of the gear

it works but it is not necessary

software modified for V5.7.2 UDP can be find here:

Can you please post link to contact switch you used?

Something like this

fix with M3x20 screw

3d part to keep nuts