Small teeth and friction universal mecanism

As Story to achieve to this result

Since I start the AOG story i choose :

small gear ( or friction ) concept to drive the steerin wheel

as argument

  • with a smal gap you can disconnect it quicly
  • you can also reconnect it as you want without checking syncro
  • allignement of the gear is not perfectly required
  • you can also use the slippage in case of emergency taht you pull the steering wheel
  • they is no play so less noise

but as important and negative point

  • you need to aply pressure on the gear
  • the slippage can exist if you want to rotate quicly
  • the small gear is the fuse of the sytem
  • better to use different component for the steering gear and the motor gear
  • probably consume more energy than gear ( effect of puncture tyre)

As a second point of view i would like to do in steel with small parts of 3D printing and i do my trial with JD tractor that i have acces to the farm

It with request to make a strong attachement to fix the clutch and some 3d parts to attach the couronne gear
Job done for me step 1 !

if i use an initial electric motor 12 V from MFA, i adopt to consider the famous Phildget by increase the size
Job done for step 2 !

So now and step by step with friend we adopt this to other brand like Claas , New Holland, Mc Cormick and probaly other adopt this concept
Job done for step 3 !

If my initial is to use combination of strong steel parts and a TPU gear for fuse , noise … i redesign it to 3D printing solution to satified 3D printing person
Job done foer Step4 ! (thanks @lolo85 )

As an other request that it was difficult to get motor i adapt it to use several other motor by only modify the sliding parts
Job done foer Step5 ! (thanks @Guillaume, @Daniel )

As other request i do some version for ISO standard and some for imperail dimention
Job done foer Step6 ! (thanks @Mueller )

So now i have this version available for steel or 3d printing i also propose some gear but can be combinated with other design

Explanation are here

files are here
Clutch :

Steering gear JD or …

And if you check this folder you can find other solution

today small improvement exist like:
Excentric to adapt the pressure for friction
Full bending solution instead of welding solution
Remote lever to put the motor in front of steering