Tapping into Fendt controls

I see a couple on here have added autosteer to Fendts.

Has anyone tapped into the joystick controls to activate headland management using the relay triggers in AgOpen. Looking at picking up an older (earl 2000’s) Fendt over the winter and would like to be able to have AgOpen connected in to automatically raise and lower implements and changes speeds at the headlands, as well as doing the autosteer to guide and turn. Thx.

Anything is possible, and probably easier to do on older machines as you dont have to decode their proprietary CAN codes.
I would get another joystick plug pair and use an extra relay board with enough relays for each wire on the joystick and put these on the NC side. That way it defaults to standard. Add either a auto/manual switch to switch between joystick/AOG control, or better, an arduino to sense any joystick movement and switch control back.
If you just wired AOG uturn relays in parallel to joystick switches, I’d bet there would be times you’d be fighting for control.

Early 2000’s Fendt joysticks are not can bus. They are, looking at the diagnostic documentation, highly likely to be 4 to 20ma. This makes them tricky to “tap into”. Apm has probably described the best way of doing it but at least to me, it won’t be simple. The plugs and sockets are available on Digi-Key. I have one from them. Bear in mind, the joystick assembly which isn’t available in parts, is an expensive item. Very!!

I have a 2000 model 716 and a 2008 936.

Someone has done a good job of can bus sniffing Fendt joysticks. I forgot who but it is an AOG user.

I think there are some people working on it . You should look on cerea forum. I m very interested if you make it work 'cause Arduino code and canbus are Chinese to me .

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A Guy from cerea forum

I’m Sure I’ve spoken to this guy on telegram. The pictures not the video.

However, none of this will work on an early 2000’s Fendt.

The more I look at things, I really only need to tap into the GO and END functions. It will be easty enough just to records the sequence I want on the tractor itself and then when coming up to a turn, hit END and when starting back into the rows hit GO.

I guess a simple, brute-force method will be to have the relay trip a small solenoid plunger and machanically press the buttons. Seems like there has to be a simplier way to intercept the signal electrically somewhere in the tractor.

Looking at a 2004 Fendt 926. WIll the joystick on this one be CAN or is it still analog? The video above looks very similar to the cab in my tractor.

If it has the TMS mode max speed slider (orange) by the joystick then I think it has to be CAN BUS.

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Hi - If you can get a CANBUS joystick the easiest way to decode the messages is to get hold of the workshop wiring diagrams. Isolate the joystick create a simple wiring harness to give you power\ground and then connect to the CAN wires not forgetting to add a 120Ohm resistor to a CAN sniffer and then with nothing moving take a recording. Then do the same for each position and button of the joystick. That way you can see which of the bytes for each of the messages is changing based on the position\switch.

For an off the shelf CAN Sniffer have a look at IFM.com the EC2112 it costs about 170 uk pounds but comes with free software called maintenance tool that has a feature for sniffing the CAN bus which will identify the CAN speed and whether it is using 11bit or 29bit addressing if you don’t fancy writing your own CAN sniffer.

Mcp2515 and Arduino 20$… But need some work :wink: some people have already done it .

Have you made progress on tapping into your joystick? I want to use the controls from the joystick of my Fendt 926 from 2006 and have the same problem. It is not canbus, but also not directly wired.

No, I dropped that and I haven’t done any more work to try and tap into the Fendt controls.