Teejet 844-E screen

Not particularly related to AgOpen but trying to find info. I was trying to tie into a teejet rate controller for section control, but accidentally ripped this connection. Was hoping that it was just for the backlight but it seems the display is dead. Anyone hear have any idea what it takes to fix? Or what im looking at?

Is that just a single conductor that tore? Might be possible to scrape off the insulative coating and bridge the tear with something conductive. There are conductive pastes that might work although they tend to have higher resistance than copper.

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Both conductors are torn. I wondered about those pastes, but all I know about them is a bit of Youtube this afternoon. And the location will make it really difficult. It doesn’t make sense to me that the display is dead as it looks like its just one conductor around the perimeter of this sticker that is stuck to the back of the display. I’m assuming that this is an LCD display and that this would just be a backlight or something.

Thats terminal on the pcb. Maybe the markings mean something to someone. I’m trying to find a more appropriate forum to ask on, but figured there are some pretty smart folks on here. Tried to find a diagram of the PCB, but good luck with that i suppose.

Same things happened to my touch panel 4 wires. With small grinder scraped away insulation and then soldered and now is working again.

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If you have fine craftsmanship, you can do it.

So update for anyone in the future with potentially similar problems.

The screen is not dead, like I thought it shouldn’t be. I guess I just did not have a proper power connection so there wasn’t enough juice to power the screen. The screen does work, just no backlight.
I think its called an “Electroluminescent Backlight” for anyone thats interested, and looks pretty cheap and easy to replace. If you can get at the back of the display easily.

Thanks for the suggestions anyway… :smile:

If you solder it here, the backlight will turn on.


Well it’s just a plastic strip and there is no actual wires in there, so I don’t think that’s an option. I think the conductors are just a powder that’s printed on it, and then covered up with a thin insulator. It quite easily scratches off.
At least that’s what I’ve been able to figure out. Don’t know much about these “conductors”

I fixed a backlight cable that looked very similar to this one before, and I’m pretty sure that torn cable is the one going to the backlight :slight_smile:

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