To IMU or not To IMU

Setting up 2nd build and I do have the Brick IMU mounted on top of the tractor …I have heard mixed reviews about using the IMU. Who is running it and who isn’t ? I know the dual antenna is the best scenario but I already had this so I threw it up on top just in case.

Since I put my brick v2 in “Mode 2” it’s been pretty good. Better than no imu. No need for it be up on the roof now.

Set Mode 2 through the tinkerforge software ?

I saw that there is also a mode 3 if I understood correctly that mode 2 deactivates the magnetometer but what does mode 3 do in simple words?

Brick V2 - Improvement - #4 by Stef28 Brick V2 - Improvement - #6 by minorplanets

You have to set Mode 2 in the AGOpenGPS code.

I haven’t tried Mode 3 but assume it will give a more “True” heading from startup. I can’t see how it would matter except the GPS and IMU heading would be closer.