As the computer/screen combo is probably one of the most expensive items in the AOG system I would like to ask peoples advice on what spec works. Maybe the best way to approach this is to deal with minimums. Some of this will be personal choice and some of it will be essential.
If people can edit the list and make some comments it would be appreciated

Operating System Windows 10
Screen Resolution 1024*768
Screen brightness 1000 cd/m2
Daylight-readable yes
Touch Screen yes
USB connections 1
RAM memory ?
Disk Storage ?
Battery time
Fully Rugged

Please also indicate specific models that work well in this environment

Panasonic toughbook CF-D1 seems to be a popular choice. I have bought one as a result of recommendations here. It has several USB ports and whilst not the fastest thing I’ve used it’s name is definitely an understatement.

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I would suggest 1366x768 as a minimum for any new purchase. Technically you only need 1 usb port as you can use a hub for more. 1 charging port. Opengl friendly system.
You can really get away with minimal processing power.

Basically if it can run windows ok, AOG is no problem.

1000cd isn’t easy to find . I have an Acer alpha switch 12" tablet with anti-glare and it make the job.

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I agree this is one of the more expensive and important parts of the set up. I started off with an Asus transformer book tablet, but quickly realized that I may as well have bought a glossy piece of black paper in daylight. Even with anti glare screen protectors it was unreadable in daylight. That’s when I started buying used toughbooks. Finally a display that I could read in direct sunlight!

The problem is that used toughbooks sacrifice performance and resolution for sunlight readability and ruggedness. As we have learned of late the screen resolution of 1024 x 768 is not enough for AgOpenGPS moving forward.

As far as RAM and processor minimums etc. 4GB RAM seems to be sufficient. Intel i3 processor minimum. Core 2 duo can’t hack it.

The search is still on for a HD 1000nits (cd/m2) touchscreen display that is affordable.

I have two Asus transformer T100 tablets. I do not experience the brightness or glare as a problem, maybe the right positioning in the cab makes a difference. I have both of them closeby somewhere between the door and the side window on the right.
I use bluetooth HC-05 modules for wireless communication, so I bought a Surface Go which has no USB connection. Happy with the tablet, though I would not recommend one without usb connection just to keep your options open. I suspect those bluetooth modules of making my setup not 100% reliable all of the time (rare deconnects).

All is Windows 10, 2 to 4GB RAM runs equally well, battery life is probably important. I am not too impressed by these rugged tablets considering their price generally is a multiple of a normal tablet, which for me work just OK in the environments I faced the last 2 years. Just rinse off the dust once in a while and take them indoors when the tractor is stored in a damp environment for a longer time.

I as well, it works excellent! Plus its a great high resolution tablet the rest of the year. And its tax deductible as a farm expense lol

I use a Lenovo Yoga 720, 13inch screen, i7 processor, 16 GB RAM
This is also my day to day laptop so I got a decent spec

Its bright enough in the cab for me and the review I read measured it at only 272 nits. Since I last used it in the tractor I have added an antiglare screen although I never had a huge issue with glare, mainly just as the sun starts to go down.

I make my life easier I am summarizing your comments that have been posted
as of the 14th November 2019

Recommendation from the wiki
Acer Transformer 300
Acer Switch 12
Microsoft Surface

Recommendation from this thread
Panasonic tough book CF-D!
Acer Alpha Switch 12 tablet +antiglare
Asus Transformer T100
Lenovo Yoga 720 (only 272 nits)

Other Recommendations
Panasonic FZ-G1

Not Recommended from this thread
Asus transformer book tablet
Surface Go

Size 12 inches
Touch screen Y
Minimum Resolution that will currently work 1024 x 768
Minimum for the future 1366 x 768
Recommended best 1920 x 1080
USB and Charging 1 port each
Ram 4 GB
Processor intel i3
minumum nits 400 my experience
recommended best nits 1000
battery life as long as you get

This is a summary of your experiences if you send more comments I will update it so this can be a go to document



i try with a windows surface 2 RT tablet with win8,1.
I can not launch the application. I use ému x86node to launch.
mscoree.dll error
is it possible to compile for win8.1RT with visual studio?
or so I can sell the Tablet?

I am pulled by the form factor of these: Sirius A | Ockel Computers They have a 6 inch full-hd screen and connections for USB and ethernet. Not too cheap, and probably harder to use in a tractor environment. Looking for alternatives I came across ‘GPD pocket 2’ but this one has a keyboard permanently attached.

For what I know you need a full version of Windows (8-10) to use the program which the RT versions are not.

I use a panasonic toughbook CF-T8 ( secondhand off ebay £100) Intel core 2 duo cpu 1.40GHz,
It has 3 usbs
I use hc05 bluetouth for GPS from module and USB to arduino.
Monitor 1024x768, touchscreen yes (not bright enough and get lots of glare).
Windows 7 Professional
I had to update .NET framework from 4 to 4.5 in the summer to get it to run latest GUI. Even runs the latest one fine.
I used it all summer for spraying and ferting using autosteer including headland turns, works great except I cant really see the monitor.

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I have run a Microsoft Surface Pro 1, in my tractor for several years. I think it has a screen brightness of around 400 cd/m2. Brightness has been fine as it is rare that sun shines directly on the screen. It has dropped to the floor on numerous occasions and has managed to survive to this day. So i would purchase one again with no questions.

Do you have a hc-05 un your autosteer module? How did you manage that??

you can get those antiglare films - gives it a matte surface and just is put on like a cover film. I put one on my Acer Switch 12, made a world of difference, not like looking into a mirror.

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Brian you mentioned you can use a usb hub so you only have one usb connected to computer. I have a usb splitter, see picture, would that work? I would have f9p and Arduino hooked to it.image

I have never used a splitter - but that is all a hub is i think since all usb data goes down the same wires and the protocol separates the devices

I did not have success using the USB splitter. When I connected the Arduino and GPS to the computer and selected the Comm. port I would see Arduino info in the GPS section of the “Communication Settings”. and when I tried to select the same port for the “Auto Steer Port” it would come up that the port was not available. Looks like protocol is not separating data. There would be no way to use the UDP with a USB connection correct?

I probably did not understand your approach. You should see your GPS and your Arduino on separate COM ports even if connected to the same laptop USB port (via a USB hub).

I have three USB ports on my CF-D1 but for convenience I’ve connected the F9P, the Arduino and the Brick with a USB hub to a single laptop USB port.