Tractor going sideways and speed jumping

I just started testing my setup without steering so with just PCB, IMU and antenna connected. It worked fine at first but when I moved antenna to front of the cab to its final position, measured and entered all tractor settings/measurements to AG it started showing tractor moving sideways on the display. IMU roll seems to be working nicely and I have RTK fix.

What is the reason for this? Before I had only pre set tractor measurements and antenna was on top of the rear axle, then it was working fine.

My setup is Kaupoimod 4.1 pcb with CMPS14 and simplertk2b starter kit as antenna.

Also another thing I noticed when driving that my speed isn’t stable. When driving steady 30km/h on the road, AG speed jumps between 27kmh and 45 kmh. Is this normal? At 10kmh speed was jumping between 9-14kmh.

Did you flash Andreas config to the simplertk2b

I flashed this from Configuration Files - ArduSimple . Is your linked file the same or should I flash it instead?

Flash Andreas config and try it. I was using the ardusimple file and agopen didnt read the speed, after flashing the Andreas config it worked. Also make sure your CMPS14 is fixed in place and oriented the right way.

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I might have found the reason. Because I have whole autosteer plugged in, there was a value for WAS even though it isn’t connected. So I think going sideways was because of that.

Speed got a lot more stable after flashing Andreas config, thank you!

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