Tractor predisposed for gps

I m a french farmer and i want to made a gps with aog
But my father has bought a valtra t174 which is predisposed for gps
In this tractor there is on the roof a ecta outlet with 12 pins

How can i control the tractor ?
Sorry if i did mistakes (i m french )

Welcome to the forum - and don’t worry - i make the most mistakes by far!

Not much to go on by your post but most newer systems are all canbus and as of yet haven’t figured that part out. Does the tractor have antenna and a steer valve?

Thanks you
This tractor hasn t a antenna
But i think it has a steer valve because i can choose the steer sensibility
Do you know how can i use aog with a aog antenna … with the steer valve of my tractor ?

That’s a really big question. We are in the process of making a wiki which should really help setting up a system. Right now - its very diy.

Thanks you

One year later we have the knowledge and it’s working perfectly, thanks to @commonrail and the CAN-Bus teaching


Which INO are you using, could you take a picture of your connections?
Thanks, I have an MF, but inside everything says valtra xD

I will make up a “Valtra / Massey Ferguson” project with the instructions and .ino’s to match.

We have both v4 and v5 versions :sunglasses:.

I hope you CAN shields have arrived?


Can not wait haha ​​and bought the 8 mhz in a local store, had not seen that you uploaded those .INO, I’m going to read the thread again.

Project 3 is where you want to start.

I will update the Project over the next few days with the .ino’s to use AOG v4 or v5