Tractor work in autonomous mode

I am going to work on adapting the tractor to work autonomously with AGOPEN. I’ll start with a small MF255 that I plan to use to mulch corn fields.
Question: how can the tractor be stopped in case of border crossing, end of field loss of RTK? For safety reasons, he plans to install sensors detecting obstacles, people, etc. After the sensor is triggered, the tractor would be stopped immediately. Of course, remote access via the Internet all the time, e.g. using a smartphone. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Farming with no tractor driver, is it possible?



The automation of field tasks leading to the advent of a new agricultural production represents a significant challenge in the organization of the sector.

Maybe this interests you.

It’s a big step from self-guided to autonomous.

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Yes. I have already registered.

Are planning to only output one on-off output to make the tractor move? Only forward at one speed? All the safety sensors on a module on the tractor?

For the boundary there are treads on the forum talking about this.
like this: general-purpose-autonomous-rover
I don’t know but there is probably already a bool for the vehicle being in the field.
But I would make something to have some metres of “buffer zone” around the real boundary for more safety, the quick fix would be to have a field in AOG with the boundary inside the real one!

For the GPS signal there is already a variable for this in AOG so would be easy to implement.

Something to think and work on is how it will start to drive autonomously, starting the tractor and jumping of is certainly not the way to go! :thinking:

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The tractor can be easily controlled remotely via a remote desktop such as google chrome installed on a smartphone. On the tablet in the tractor, it is enough to install applications to control relays or servos independent of AGO. I will start with a small tractor, if something goes wrong it will be easy to pull it out of the ditch.


Yeah, remote Desktop, remote access.
I heard about it last week for an other project but never used myself, will have to check about it!

But it will not work with a windows 10 home?

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It will work! It’s very simple, you can have access to many of your computers, just log in to your google account on each of them. You select your computer from the list, one click and you have full access. Works indefinitely.

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Safety is the key concern here. A tractor running of control and ending up in a ditch is one thing, one running out of control and crossing a public road, or heading toward a nearby school is another.

This is why I was keen to have a kill switch in the event that a geofence is breached.

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One way to stop tractor is a STOP switch, connected to the L and R enable pin. AOG turn off autosteer when in U-turn, if boarder is crossed.

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Ah… sorry, I’m thinking fully autonomous, acceleration and braking included, not just killing the autosteer.

That might be complicated with non electric vehicles.