Great progres and disscussion about tramlines at telegram!

Is it possible that tramlines trigger a relay just like sections?
It would need two relays, one for each tyre so it would be possible to do also asymmetrical tramlines.

Also a auto/manual/off control just like in section control would be usefull with this tramline contor system.

That is part two :slight_smile:

Is it possible to trigger a relay from the tramlines feature now? Think this would be a really cool feature as I could wire the tramlining system on my drill straight to AOG.

With V5 can we now trigger a relay to use with tramlines on seed drill? How would I implement this, geussing with machine module, but what Arduino pin?

Is the AOG tramline feature able to operate relays to switch on and off seed coulter shut off’s? @BrianTee_Admin

yes it is on Machine_USB_v5_0.ino

uncomment at the end

digitalWrite (12, bitRead(tramline,0)); //left and right tram
digitalWrite (13, bitRead(tramline,2)); //D12, 

and you can use D12 D13 for that

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I can get it to activate the relays with pins D12 and D13 or pins or D5 and D6

It says at the top of the sketch that
*Tram right side D5
*Tram left side D6
*Section 0 to 5 - - D7 to D12


it is mistake of comment

so two solution you modify the code to reassign the pin
you use D12 D13 by uncomment

i just tested on bench it works; So good

Have you looked at the latest version? You can program which arduino pins activate which function. Use machine ino v5.5

I really need to make a few videos of the new stuff

Not yet tested for me but i see!

Hello. Info on the pins used would definitely be helpful. How to mount them.with 5.0 I found where to put nano 10 11 and 12 pins in the ino file and 5.5 doesn’t get it. Thank you

I need to make a video on the new pin assignments. Will do that tomorrow