Tree Planning

If it would be possible and not to much work, could the gpsSpeed be added to send to the machine module? It’s defined in the .ino but I don’t think its being sent by AOG.

It was a bug in 5.2 that this was based on. I think it has been fixed. I will check and make sure that it gets put back in.

Thank you!

Hi, KentStuff, i know you are waiting for AoG 6 before updating AoG tree, but could be possible to support PANDA messages?

Did you have a chance to check on this? If it is good to go which option on your github?

I did look into it. Not a bad change to do. I’ll take some time and fix this.

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@KentStuff I updated to Panda over the winter. I now need to go back to the tree version. Would you have any idea of how I would go about setting my F9 back to work with the tree software?

I have found I know very little about f9p in the past few days. It should just revert back to rover and go. But I also promised a panda version. And here is one to try. I have no way to test it in panda to see if it works. Let me know what you find and I can adjust to make it right.

Here it is on the github

I’ll give it a try. We’ll be planting trees this afternoon.

Did the panda board work?

Had problems that kept us from planting Sat. and family commitments Sun. Planning on testing this afternoon. I’ll let you know

I’m gettting gps data but not a rtk fix. I have made no changes in inos. Should i go back to the 5.0 ino? I’m using the UDP IP of 192.168.5 the same as my panda setup. I show that I’m connected to the gps but not to the steer modual. I have the old V2 PCB and the panda board. Let me know what other info I can provide…

I installed the autosteer_UDP_v5_0 with my 5 IP as below and still not connecting to the steer PCB.
// ethernet interface ip address
static uint8_t myip[] = { 192,168,5,73 };
// gateway ip address
static uint8_t gwip[] = { 192,168,5,1 };
//DNS- you just need one anyway
static uint8_t myDNS[] = { 8,8,8,8 };
static uint8_t mask[] = { 255,255,255,0 };
//this is port of this autosteer module
uint16_t portMy = 8888;

//sending back to where and which port
static uint8_t ipDestination[] = {192, 168, 5, 255};
uint16_t portDestination = 9999; //AOG port that listens

Check and make sure you have installed my AGIO and not the one from the newer version. I did not mess with the steer module at all.

Yep starting it from your AGIO. Then the AgOpenGPS program from same folder.

Which .ino needs be be used? The version v5_0 uses;
//this is port of this autosteer module
uint16_t portMy = 8888;

The Panda uses:
uint16_t portDestination = 9999; //AOG port that listens

In the NTRIP settings a UDP port has to be set. I’m guessing to match the .ino?

Setting up UDP on the Panda version was made WAY to easy!!!

I’m not sure I have the IP stuff set right for the v5_0 ino… Do you know more than me about those settings?

I may just need to bring tree up to the new slow poke version. It uses panda and has many of the ntrip advantages

That sounds like a good plan… In the meantime I downloaded the straight 5.2 version to test that against the tree version. I may have stumbled on why it’s not working for me… Raining right now and we can use it! I’ll test as soon as this cell passes and get back to you.

The new slow poke version is all UDP.

that would simplify things. I can’t get a RTK fix and I can’t get hooked onto the steer board.

How big a job is it to port to slow poke?