Trimble EZ-Pilot

I’m interesting in using AgOpenGPS on an articulated tractor that is currently using the Trimble EZ-Pilot system. Would this be compatible with the PCB or would the EZ-Pilot have embedded systems that would render it incompatible? Thanks in advance!

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Ez-pilot motor uses a CAN bus signal to control the motor output when using it with a Trimble steering solution (imd 600, navII ect).

Thank you!

buttontate, Is there any new information on using AOG with the EZ-Pilot system? I’m in the same situation with an articulated tractor. There is a CFX-750 display but I would like to avoid the fees to unlock RTK when I could use AOG and sell the rest of the Trimble equipment.


I’m wondering same, and i think it is possible but question is just how much it need… it would be much easier even try if i have broken equipments for testing and building… Anyway, i think i don’t have even enough knowledge for finishing that…

Did you manage to make it work with AGOpenGPS ?