Trying to build autosteer with PCBv2 - Motor would not turn

I trying to get autosteer to work, but i cant get the steering wheel motor to turn. I have a imu and wheel angle sensor thats working. I can see the output in agopengps. I can even drive the motor with the testbuttons on the motordriver.

I have tried:

  • Using the drive functionality on the steering gui.
  • Connect a GPS an try opening a field.
  • Enable the autosteer in software (green steering wheel)
  • Enable the autosteer by connecting steering switch

Any tips?

It may a problem with the arduino nano. When i messure pin D3 and D4 with power on, there is a open connection between pin D3 and D4.

Have you upload the ino files on the arduino?

Read the “Manual” pdf file from the AOG folder

Did you send the AoG config to the Nano?

What colour is the compass in the bottom right hand corner of the screen?

(And I’ll put a fiver on this being a problem with the switch / switch options ;))

The compass is purple, like your picture. But the PCB and arduino is connected. I even get data from imu.

It should be Green. Look in the manual.pdf to check what the different colours mean. Almost at the bottom of the file.

They are connected, but have you upload the “Autosteer…ino”.
Also read the manual. Also check you switch(you have one switch on PCB and one for the autosteer.

Yes, i have uploaded the config, first time with the Xloader, second and last time with arduino IDE. But im afriad that i have fried the nano, im awaiting shipment with 2 new nano’s in a few days.

You can check the two switches. The PCB switch on and your pcb diode will lighten and compass will become red. The steering switch on and the compass becomes yellow
I have uploaded the autosteer ino only with IDE

There is a setting for how to activate autosteer. Button or on screen aka manual. So what happens when you press the autosteer icon at buttom right?
Icon just right to compas icon

Nothing at all, when i push the autosteer wheel in the gui nothing happens…

Not even for a short moment?

Nope, but when i messure the connection beween D3 and D4 on the nano, there is connection between them. So the motorcontroller does not even try to turn the motor.

Do you have that short between those pins even without cytron and nano connected?

If i unplug the nano from the pcb and is connected with usb, then there is a short. But there is no short on the nano without power…

I an driving a non AOG tractor at the moment so can not help you more before I have a computer and nano at hand 8 hours from now.

Cut power cables from usb (use data cable) ?

Purple compass means that the AgIO does not recognise a steer board is connected, even if one is physically connected. The steer switches (either in the GUI or a switch connected to the board) won’t do anything until the program is talking with the steer board.

Check the steer module com port is connected in AgIO.

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